Best Water and Fireproof Document Holders

Nobody wants to think about the worst-case scenario, but when disaster strikes, it’s better to be prepared. Although we live in an increasingly digital age, there are pieces of physical paper that you would not want to lose if there were to be a fire or flood at your home or office. Investing in a water and fireproof storage system for important documents, jewelry and even hard drives is a smart idea. Most are made of fiberglass, making them extremely heat resistant. Whether you want to protect your kid’s baby footprints, your passport or years’ worth of family photos, we’ve rounded up our favorite safety bags.
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Most Storage Space

Vemingo Fireproof Bag

High-Volume Pick

Keep everything from your computer to your travel documents in this soft-sided storage box.

What We Liked

This bag is the biggest on our list at 15.8 x 12.6 x 3 inches. It’s big enough to fit a laptop, making it ideal for storing your most important documents, hard drives, jewelry and more. Inside you’ll find several organization slots and pockets to easily fit credit cards and passports. This bag’s 2000-degree fire resistance is coated in silicone making it comfortable to carry or keep with other items without having to worry about fiberglass splinters. A waterproof zipper completes the package. Buy online.

Most Variety

Fireproof Document Bag

Great Multi-Use Pick

With two different bags, you can protect all your documents wherever you are.

What We Liked

This document protector comes with two bags so you can protect important documents at home and in the office or bring one with you while traveling. At 15x11 and 7x9 inches, these envelope-like bags are easy to store. Rated to 2,000-degrees, these bags also have a double closure system utilizing a zipper and Velcro to ensure safety. Get it here.

Most Affordable

JUNDUN Fireproof Document Bags

Wallet-Friendly Choice

Take this simple pouch on the go to protect your valuables.

What We Liked

This basic pouch is great for travel – never worry about your passport, foreign currency or driver’s license being safe again. This bag is small enough to carry via a handy strap, yet it’s also large enough to fit a tablet. Rated to 1832-degrees, it’s made of silicone-coated fiberglass for a comfortable carry. Available now.

Best Organization

Expanding File Folder Important Document Organizer

User-Friendly Pick

Keep track of all your important papers with this easy-to-use system.

What We Liked

This file folder is a great choice for protecting all your important documents from your car’s title to your kid’s birth certificate. The 13-pocket expander comes with colored labels so you can easily organize anything you want to keep safe. The silicone-coated fiberglass doesn’t result in fiberglass splinters so this handy organizer can be used in place of a regular expanding folder at the home or office for an extra layer of protection. Or, stash in a safety deposit box at the bank for ultimate peace of mind. Buy here.

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