Best Unbreakable Plates

Reduce the waste of paper plates and packaging on your next camping trip or outdoor picnic by taking along lightweight, reusable, and unbreakable plastic tableware. Wheat straw and polypropylene plastic blends up the durability quotient, while plastic chemical compounds like melamine offer able, long-lasting stand-ins for easy-to-break china tableware. It’s all for when you want to dress up your outdoor table setting and enjoy a nice meal riverside or under the stars. Shop our favorites below!
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Best for Car Camping

Shopwithgreen Lightweight Unbreakable Wheat Straw Plates

Wheat Straw Plates

Here’s some outdoor tableware with an earth-friendly feel. Use and reuse with convenience.

What We Liked

Made from a combination of eco-friendly wheat straw and polypropylene plastic, these plates are perfect for picnicking and outdoor use. Think: lightweight, durable, and easy to clean and handle. What more could you want when you’re camping and on the move? Order Online.

Best for Outdoor Entertaining

Melamine Dinnerware Set 

Melamine Plates

Get form and function in a plastic compound that has the look of china. It’s stunning outdoor dinnerware!

What We Liked

Melamine is a hard plastic chemical compound that’s favored over china and porcelain tableware in many restaurants for its lighter weight and its unbreakable qualities. Add the flair of a nice lacquer finish to your table setting with this 12-piece set that includes bowls, side plate, and large dinner plate. This is perfect for backyard barbecues, poolside picnics, and get-togethers at the park. Purchase Yours Today.

Best Color Selection

Coza Design Unbreakable and Reusable Plastic Plate Set

Brilliant Plastic Plates

Simple and elegant, these plates made for use at home or out on the trail. And choose from a variety of colors to suit your style.

What We Liked

This simple set of six polypropylene plastic plates will stand up to the rigors of car camping, RV trips, and other outdoor excursions. Back on the ranch, these indestructible plates are also low cost for large table settings as well as microwave- and dishwasher-safe. Find colors that match your personality or special décor. Get It Here.

Best for Family Use

Greenandlife Lightweight Wheat Straw Plates

Simple Straw Plates

Here’s your go-to tableware for meals, snacks, and more. There are plenty of options for big and little kids!

What We Liked

Coming in both large and small sizes, Greenandlife’s wheat-straw plates will be more than a match for those toddlers who like to get their meals airborne. Also microwave- and dishwasher-safe, these easy-stacking plates are sure to be stalwarts in your kitchen for years to come. Great for summertime when the family is home, raiding the pantry, and looking for a foundation for their culinary creations! Unbreakable foundations are safest and best, right? Buy Now.

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