Best Ultralight Travel Makeup Bag

Traveling is made so much easier when there is a system of organization for all the items accompanying you. While for larger objects like clothing, shoes and electronics, this need is served with something like packing cubes, smaller things such as jewelry and makeup are significantly harder to find compact and organized storage solutions for. Here, we address that exact issue by rounding up the best travel-friendly organizer bags for makeup and small items.
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Most Packable

Premium Hanging Toiletry Travel Bag

Flat Storage Bag

This storage bag lies flat when closed and locked in place with a buckle-mechanism belt.

What We Liked

This storage solution is unique in that it is most perfectly designed for compact traveling thanks to its suitcase-friendly flat shape. When opened up, it hangs even flatter by the hook the top, allowing a flat and complete visual of all your small items. This bag is perfect for hotel stays – simply hang up in your bathroom while in use, and roll back up when it’s time to go! Buy now.

Best for Travel

MONSTINA Makeup Bag for Women with Mirror, Pouch Bag, Makeup Brush Bag

Compact Makeup Storage Pouch

Ample storage for numerous small toiletry items in a small package.

What We Liked

Within our roundup of faves, this makeup organizer stands out as the best fit for a light traveler who needs only the basics and can carry it all in one pouch. With storage designed specifically for certain items, such as the brush holder, mesh pouch, and large back pouch, as well as a tiny mirror, this item really is a compact organizational powerhouse. Buy now.

Most Stylish

Vextrofort Large Hanging Travel Makeup Bag

Flower-print Hanging Travel Bag

This floral-print hanging makeup and toiletry organizer is as chic as it is useful.

What We Liked

This bag is exceptionally well organized, with a large variety of pockets hiding inside its patterned exterior. Not only does it contain a small clear pouch, two small mesh pouches, and two large translucent pouches, but it also comes with a detachable transparent separated into segments by zippers that can be hung to the base of the bag by metal hooks and folded in for easy transport. Buy now.

Most Spacious

Gonex Hanging Toiletry Bag, Travel Organizer Bag for Makeup and Toiletries

Roomy Makeup and Toiletries Storage

This is a heavy-duty pouch for the traveler who likes to carry a lot of toiletries but doesn’t want to be bogged down by the mess they can create.

What We Liked

While the most outstanding feature of this storage solution is its generous main compartment, the bag is also armed with nifty pockets appearing all over its outer body, with zippered pouches on its lid and sides. Its numerous pouches come in a variety of sizes to suit different-sized items, with the largest storage space being a deep main compartment measuring over 10 inches tall, 9 inches wide, and nearly 4 inches deep. Equipped with a hanging hook, it can be hung up to reveal all its internal compartments for easy-breezy, mess-free toiletry storage right at hand with no need to fiddle with opening and closing the bag or root around for anything. Buy now.

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