Best Travel Toothbrush Kit

Having to pack your toothbrush from home on your travels is just depressing. No matter what kind of case you pack it in, it always ends up slimy and smelling funky. Enter the travel toothbrush kit. Whether you’re looking for a natural choice to up your oral hygiene game or a disposable pick to eliminate all hassle, we’ve rounded up our top kits for you so you can leave your full-sized toothbrush at home when you head out to adventure.
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Best Natural Choice

Oxyfresh Ultimate Fresh Breath Travel Kit

Excellent Eco-Friendly Pick

Feel good about what you’re putting in your mouth with this set.

What We Liked

If you’re looking for a more natural on-the-go toothbrush kit, this is it. A bamboo toothbrush isn’t the only tool you’ll get – a tongue scraper and brush picks take it one step further for excellent oral hygiene while traveling. The lemon mint toothpaste is alcohol and dye free and the pH-balanced formula made with essential oils is designed to keep your breath fresh. Get it here. 

Most Convenient

Crest Scope Mini Disposable Toothbrushes

Great Brush-Anywhere Pick.

A disposable toothbrush for on-the-go.

What We Liked

Sometimes you need to brush your teeth in the weirdest places. This toothbrush is perfect for those moments. Stick one in your bag and the protective cover will keep it clean until you’re ready to scrub those pearly whites. With no water needed, you can brush anywhere from an airplane seat to the trail. When you’re done, just throw it away. Buy it now. 

Most Portable

Travel Folding Toothbrush

Easy-to-Pack Pick.

A compact choice for adventure.

What We Liked

When you’re short on space, this portable folding toothbrush is exactly what you need. Without having to navigate a tiny, half-toothbrush, the folding design allows the brush to take up minimal space while packed. Then, when it’s time to clean just fold out and voila! You’ll have a full-sized experience. The condiment-like individual toothpaste packets make leaking a thought of the past. Buy it here. 

Best Whitening

Colgate Max Fresh Wisp Disposable Mini Toothbrush

Great Pick for Sparkling Teeth

A great disposable option for brushing any and everywhere.

What We Liked

A brush-anywhere, disposable toothbrush that also whitens? It sounds too good to be true, but Colgate has made this dream a reality. No water is needed to activate the whitening formula so you can brush in your office or at camp without having to rinse. Get it now. 

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