Best Travel Pillows

Whether you’ve been on the bumpy, overnight bus ride from the mountains of Quito, Ecuador, down to the coast or the red-eye flight from New York to California, getting sleep while on public transport can be tough. Enter the sleep-changing travel pillow. For lengthy bus ride rides, long road-trips in the car or cross-country domestic flights, having a good travel pillow can transform the grumpiest person into a well-rested traveler. Here are four to consider for your next trip.
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Best Adjustable Pillow

Phixnozar Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Malleable for Good Fit

With adjustable rope lock, you can adjust the size and form of the pillow to sleep soundly while you’re on a train, plane or bus.

What We Liked

With everyone’s head a different size, this pillow allows you to adjust the angle and size of the pillow to fit your head. The material of the pillowcase is machine washable and sweat-resistant, so it will help your face stay dry in humid or hot conditions. The memory foam allows for a snug fit, and you can choose between three different colors. Get it here. 

Most Stylish Set

MLVOC Travel Pillow

Sleek and Comfortable

With sophisticated-looking fabric and a hip curved design, you’ll turn heads when you pull out this travel pillow.

What We Liked

We like that this smart-looking pillow is covered with sweat-resistant fabric that is machine washable. We also like that it comes with ear plugs and an eye mask, making falling asleep in transit easier and comfortable. It also comes in a bag and the whole set weighs less than a pound. Buy it now. 

Best for Lumbar Support

Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow for Neck, Chin, Lumbar and Leg Support

Bendable and Versatile

Here’s the answer to those who want a portable support pillow that can bend into a neck pillow or a spinal or back support cushion.

What We Liked

We like that this adjustable support can be used for everything from a neck pillow for plane or car travel to back support while car camping or while you’re lounging on the couch at home. Memory foam makes it cushy. It’s machine washable, making it easy to clean. Snaps allow it to close to make it easy to carry. Buy it here. 

Best All-Around Travel Set

Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Pillow Plus More

Not only does this set feature a travel pillow, but you also get an eye mask, a pillow pocket for ear buds and your phone and a protective travel case.

What We Liked

We love that this is an all-in-one set that includes everything you would want to keep you comfortable while traveling on a long road trip or a flight. An eye mask fits nicely into a pocket in the pillow as does your cell phone and ear buds. The memory foam in the pillow keeps you comfortable and cozy. It comes with a bag to store it all in, keeping it clean. Get it now. 

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