Best Travel Card Games

As exciting as road trips are, kids sitting in the back seat aren’t always as thrilled as their parents about hitting the open road. With some quick advance planning, you can stave off the oft-repeated question “Are we there yet?” with some fun games designed to be played in the car. Here are 4 card games to entertain the whole family, as you drive to your next adventure.

Best for Short Car Trips

Briarpatch Travel Scavenger Hunt Card Game for Kids

Multi-Sensory and Simple. This scavenger hunt card game transforms a boring car ride into an exciting adventure where kids can connect objects, smells and sounds on their cards to things they see, hear and smell out their car window.

What We Liked: 

If your kids are antsy every time they’re in the car for longer than 10 minutes, this colorfully illustrated card set enables them to use what’s outside their window to make the minutes pass. We liked that this game encourages kids, and all passengers playing in the car, to use their senses to play. For instance, one of the cards asks players to listen for a siren before moving on while another features a drawing of a big bump in the road. You can’t move on until you experience it. Buy Now.

Best for Young Readers

I SPY Travel Card Game

Entertaining and Literacy Builder. Displaying classic imagery from I SPY books, this game for ages 5 and up makes driving fun by encouraging players to find outside their window the curious and common objects on each card.

What We Liked: 

I spy is one of those classic games that have helped kids and adults pass time in the car away for decades. What we like about this card set is it guides kids by providing specific objects to look for with words and illustrations. We like that this card game encourages early readers to practice reading. While there is no reading required since the cards have pictures to play by, but if they can read, they can take it a step further to read the cards to understand better what they are looking for. For instance, one card features a house and the words on the card read, “I spy a home with a chimney.” Get Yours Today.

Best Competitive Game


Fast-Paced for Two Players. Made for two players, this quick-moving card game keeps kids laser-focused as they race to match their cards.

What We Liked:

The backseat of the car may never be as exciting as it is when kids play Blink. With 60 symbol cards to uncover and match, this game for two keeps kids entertained and excited as they play. We like that it requires quick observation skills and quick reflexes, engaging kids during what otherwise could be a very long, boring drive down the highway to a campsite. In fact, it’s a great game to play in the tent, at a roadside picnic table and during a hiking break on the side of the trail. Purchase Now.

Best for Disney Lovers

Eye Found It Card Game

Fun Disney-Themed Matching Game. For kids who love Disney characters, this seek-and-find game is an entertaining way to pass the time.

What We Liked: 

Easy to carry in a purse, this card set makes finding objects in recognizable Disney scenes fun and engaging for young kids. We like that one side of each card tells players what to find while the other side contains a scene from one of 12 illustrated Disney realms. For Disney lovers, just looking at the cards provides entertainment for youngsters. But searching for each object, such as an umbrella or apple in Pooh’s Hundred Acre World or Alice’s Wonderland, requires focus and attention to detail, which we also like. We’re hoping that attention to detail and power of observation transfers to when we’re out in nature, hiking and biking with our kids. 

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