Best Travel Bottles

We used to go camping without condiments, settling for simple food and lightweight packs. But after enjoying coffee with sugar and a touch of coconut milk one morning in the backcountry, we discovered just how handy food-safe travel bottles can be. Pack salad dressing, special sauces and more in travel bottles for tasty meals that don’t add a ton of weight to your pack. Here are four to consider.
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Best Variety of Sizes

Oursunshine Travel Bottles

Different-Sized Bottles

With three different sizes, you can pack spices, mustard and cooking oil in this set.

What We Liked

We like that you get three different sizes in this six-bottle set, so you can bring a variety of condiments for your next backpacking trip. The smallest container is great for special spices like the curry powder for your gourmet backcountry meal. It’s also food-grade safe silicone, which means you actually can safely put food in these containers. Get them here. 

Best Colors

Proof Squeezable Silicon Tubes Travel Size

Flexible and Durable

Put sugar and your favorite non-dairy creamer in these four 3-ounce bottles to take your backcountry morning coffee from good to gourmet.

What We Liked

We like that there are 4 bottles, all of which are 3 ounces, to pack our favorite coconut creamer in, along with chocolate syrup and sugar, for backcountry mochas. Because the bottles are food-grade and BPA-free, they are designed to hold food, so you don’t have to worry about chemicals leaching into whatever condiments you put in them. Fun colors make bringing them along extra special. Buy them now. 

Most Bottles in a Set

Travel Bottles Uerstar 3oz Leak Proof Travel Bottles

Soft and Squeezeable

Six bottles allow you to bring all the condiments you desire on your next backpacking trip.

What We Liked

We like that you get six containers, so you don’t have to leave any condiments out for your next backpacking trip. From sugar to salsa, step up your backcountry meals with food you usually leave behind. The 3-ounce containers mean they are small enough to be packable but large enough to actually carry a bit. Buy them here. 

Best for Flights

Dot&Dot 4 Leak Proof Travel Bottles

Easy to Clean

With four different colors, you can distinguish between bottles to know what you put in each bottle without having to squeeze it to find out.

What We Liked

We like that these bottles came are each 3 ounces, so they are large enough to fit our favorite shampoo and conditioner but not so large that we feel like the containers are weighing us down. We also like that this came with a clear plastic bag that makes it easy to pull out the bag with our liquid-filled bottles in airport security and put them on the conveyor belt. Get them now. 

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