Best Toothbrushes For Traveling

Brushing your teeth is hugely important for optimal oral hygiene. Sometimes when traveling you don’t want to take your really expensive home toothbrush, so it's nice to have one specifically for traveling. We picked out four different toothbrushes ranging from electric to manual to fit what your style and needs are. Here are our choices for best toothbrushes for traveling.
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Best for on the go travel

Lingito Travel Toothbrush

Perfect for on the go

Pack of two tooth brushes made to travel with you anywhere. Folds in half to make it travel size. Great for traveling, or just to have in a purse or work drawer.

What We Liked

This toothbrush comes dentist recommended and removes plaque and is gentle on gums. No need to have a case or bag for your toothbrush as this one folds in on itself and stays covered from outside dust and germs. Made from BPA-free plastic. Order Online.

Best antibacterial materials 

GUM Travel Toothbrush

Antibacterial bristles 

Freshen your mouth while removing dental plaque on the go. This toothbrush has multi-level antibacterial bristles for cleaning deep in between teeth.

What We Liked

The tri-fold design allows the brush head to fold into the handle for clean and convenient storage. The tongue cleaner is great for removing odor-causing bacteria. The patented antibacterial agent maintains the hygiene of the brush head in between uses. Purchase Here.

Most cleaning modes

Meafeng Travel Electric Toothbrush

Multiple cleaning modes

Electric travel brush with two different cleaning modes. Made to be used by both adults and kids. Breaks apart to store in its own handle, about the size of a lipstick container.

What We Liked

The two different cleaning modes are Clean and Sensitive. These are designed to suit two different conditions of teeth and gums. Uses one AAA battery and one can be used for 30 days. 18,000 brush strokes per minute will leave you feeling brighter than ever. Get It Today.

Fastest brush rate

Voom Sonic Go 1

Feel the voom

Battery operated toothbrush with a 2-minute timer. Soft dupont nylon bristles for a thorough brushing. Elegant design that looks sleek and high-end.

What We Liked

With its advanced technology, this toothbrush features a 22,000 strokes per minute brush rate. This will allow you to keep your teeth and gums super clean both at home and abroad. The brush heads are designed to now only get deep in between teeth, but also gently brush your gum line. Buy Online.

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