Best Static Ropes

Static rope is different from dynamic rope, which is generally cheaper to buy. Static rope does not stretch, even under a heavy load, making it more dependable for high-risk or dangerous operations compared to dynamic rope. Therefore, static rope is used by rescue operations, safety classes, rock climbers, ice climbers, and other outdoor enthusiasts for multiple purposes. Static ropes are also excellent at hauling heavy equipment and supplies. Ropes vary based on length and thickness, as well as color schemes like bright red or orange. Here’s a review of some of the best selections for 2019.
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Honorable Mention

Singing Rock R44 NFPA Static Rope

Variety in Static Rope. Static rope is sold in a variety of lengths with two different options for thickness (10.5 millimeters and 11.2 millimeters). This gives you plenty of options whether needing the rope for rescue operations or rock climbing.

What We Liked: 

The innovative concept helps make the rope more round as well as presents the sheath with an ideal blend of thickness, durability, and handling. The sheath braiding technology is best suited for rescue operations, military and police operations, work positioning, and fixed rope expeditions.  Static rope is also offered in five different color schemes, including emergency orange and red. The weight of the rope is reported at 72 grams per meter. The strength is 34.7kN.  The end result is a more compact and softer feel with unprecedented strength and durability. Static rope is currently the strongest polyamide rope available in 10.5-millimeter and 11.2-millimeter sizes based on performance testing. Get it today.

Top Pick

 X XBEN Outdoor Climbing Rope

Outstanding Static Rope for Outdoors. Heavy-duty, high-quality static rope is designed for numerous outdoor activities. Offered in five different lengths and three color combinations. Rope includes a skin as well as a hidden inner core for more stability.

What We Liked: 

X XBEN Outdoor Climbing Rope is designed specifically for rescue operations, rock climbing, tree work, indoor/outdoor safety rope classes, and rappelling. Static ropes are depended upon the most when the climber does not want the rope to stretch. Therefore, static ropes are necessary when lowering an injured climber or hauling a load up a slope. The material is composed of a rope skin and an inner core, both produced with nylon fiber. The material is fairly soft yet also tear resistant and avoids fraying. X XBEN Outdoor Climbing Rope is CE certified to ensure durability. The manufacturer also incorporates heavy-duty stainless steel thimbles as opposed to many other types of rope that rely on cheap plastic thimbles. Purchase includes a cloth bag for storage. Get it today.

Honorable Mention

Tresbro Outdoor Rock Climbing Rope

Dependable Outdoor Static Rope. Sold in limited sizes of 98 feet and 164 feet yet multi-purpose. Static rope is designed with 13 whole cores for improved durability. Lightweight yet high-quality strength for high-risk operations.

What We Liked: 

The Tresbro Outdoor Rock Climbing Rope is another top selection. The climbing rope is composed of 13 whole core rope and reinforced with polyester rope for added stability. The static rope is moderate in terms of softness yet more durable and resistant to wear and tear because of its heavy-duty concept. Tresbro Outdoor Rock Climbing Rope is only sold with two options for length: 98 feet or 164 feet. The low ductility static rope can reduce security risks associated with cheaper ropes due to the extension of the product. Rope is fairly lightweight yet offers outstanding strength. As a result, it is practical for escape operations, rescue operations, rock and ice climbing, fire survival, tree climbing, and caving excursions. Hikers and climbers can also find a variety of applications for the Tresbro Outdoor Rock Climbing Rope. The rope includes two rappelling hooks on each end.  Heavy-duty stainless steel thimble rigging also makes the rope much more durable than cheap, plastic alternatives. Get it today.