Best Shoe Insoles

You work hard all day, another day of being on your feet from early morning to late evening and you feel it. The soreness in your arches, the aching in your heel and knees, makes you wish you would have one day where your feet didn’t take a beating. And you should, as there are plenty of great insoles that are easy, comfortable, and effective in not only adding a cushion to your step but many can help with plantar fasciitis, flat feet and other problems associated with your arches. Take a walk with us now as we examine four of the top-rated insoles.
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Most Practical

GAOAG Shock-absorption Breathable Orthotics Insole

Everyday Favorite. Economically priced and crafted for comfort. Feel energized all day with these durable insoles that make every part of your feet feel better throughout your day.

What We Liked

Gaoag orthotics has put a lot of effort into creating a breathable, non-slip, antibacterial, and washable insole. Designed with a neutral arch, each insole includes a metatarsal cushion, a gel pad for the deep heel cup, ventilated rubber bottoms, and material, these are made to last. Buy on Amazon.

Best Support

Physix Gear Sport Full Length Orthotic Inserts with Arch Support

Dual-layer Cushioning. Feel long-lasting, loving care for your feet. Great for running, hiking, or just out on the town, the medical-grade dual base layered EVA foam and PU material, along with Variable Cushioning Technology, provide you stability, support, and comfort.

What We Liked

These ultra-thin insoles are designed to bring relief for lots of pain caused by flat feet, including arch, heel and back pain. Foot odor is reduced with the anti-bacterial top fabric, while the deep heel cradle gently and firmly holds your heel in place. The thin, yet cushioning design means your feet have more room in your shoes or boots so you don’t feel cramped.  Buy Today.

Top Design

Superfeet BLUE Insoles

Medium Arch Insole, 2’ high. Your wide-feet solution

What We Liked

Finally! An insole created to support a wide foot. Superfeet Blue insoles’ arch support begins in the middle and goes out to the edge to give full support. They’re made with PU – the material used for memory foam beds, along with sweat and odor-absorbing, washable fabric that makes your daily journeys more enjoyable. Pick Up a Pair.

Best for Work

Dr. Scholl's WORK Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles

Fits up to Men’s size 14.  Dr. Scholl’s knows that there are plenty of people with a foot size over 12. The Work Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles come in Men’s sizes 8 – 14 so you don’t have to worry about having to spend a lot extra for your special order.

What We Liked

Work, especially when on uneven surfaces, can be brutal on your feet and knees, causing discomfort and fatigue. Dr. Scholl’s has an economical solution to provide all-day comfort. They combine cooling vents, extra cushioning for your toes, wave cushioning in the heel and arch that responds to the beating you dish out on the job.  Buy Today.

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