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Best Safety Pins

While every junk drawer in America probably has a stray safety pin in it, there are plenty of situations where having more than a single, rusty old pin comes in handy. Safety pins are essential for sewing, quilting and all sorts of crafting, but there’s many more uses for them. Keep a rip or an annoying flap secure on an old favorite piece of clothing, fasten diapers or bandages, pin bibs on at a race – the possibilities are endless. We bet you’ve never thought this much about safety pins, but buckle your seatbelts because you’re going to be shocked when you learn how many different features pins come with. We’ve done the leg work for you and rounded up our top picks from bulk to anti-poke to stylish.
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Most Variety

450PCS Safety Pins for Sewing

Excellent Assortment

A diverse set to fulfill all your pinning needs.

What We Liked

This assorted set is great for sewing, crafts or other projects where size matters. The pins in this box come in seven sizes ranging from a tiny 0.75-inches to an extra large 2.13-inches. The divided plastic box makes for easy storage and ensures you won’t be picking through all 400 pins for the correct size. Made of stainless steel, these pins won’t rust, and the round fastener helps them stay closed. Buy it today.

Most Secure

OsoCozy Diaper Pins

Safe and Stylish

A locking design perfect for everyone from babies to backpackers.

What We Liked

These diaper pins are made especially for securing cloth diapers with no chance of poking your little one, but the lock mechanism makes them great for all sorts of purposes. The super secure plastic lock makes them great for keeping clothes together even in the wash, outdoor gear and more. They come in a variety of different colors so are also great for organization. The stainless-steel design ensures that they will be long lasting and not rust or become dull after multiple uses. Get it here.

Best Bulk

Dritz 200-Piece Safety Pins

Affordable Pick

A great choice for when you need a ton of pins.

What We Liked

If you’re an avid seamstress or need a whole bunch of safety pins for a craft project, this brand is for you. Pick from standard Size 1, Size 2, or a mix of pins to fit your needs. You can order in quantities ranging from 15 to 1,440. The nickel-plated steel helps prevent rust, making these ideal for outdoor activities, such as pinning bibs on participants at a race. Buy it now.

Best Look

SINGER Black and White Safety Pins

Modern Pick

A new take on the classic pin for everything from crafts to the office.

What We Liked

These sleek white and black pins take the old silver design up a notch. Great for higher contrast than your typical old-school pin, you’ll be able to spot these easily as you sew. These pins come in two sizes, great for a variety of uses. No need to tuck these in a drawer, their modern design will ensure you want them out on your desk for everyone to see. Get it here.