Great Buys in Rope Bags

When it comes to rope bags, there are three key factors that climbers care about most durability, functionality, and value. Here are three bags that rose to the top in each of those areas, and each is affordably priced.

Most Durable

Metolius Ropemaster HC Bag


Rugged & Dependable. This bag is comfortable to carry and comes with many pockets for all of your climbing essentials. 

What We Liked: 

If you’re looking for a basic rope bag that’s rugged, dependable and moderately priced, we fully recommend the Metolius Ropemaster HC. Its nylon fabric shell is thicker than others in its price range, and it features aluminum buckles that are sure to outlast plastic. Inside, it’s plenty spacious, with room for climbing shoes, harness and more along with your rope. Its 52” x 58” tarp is a winner, too. Plus, it also has a clear plastic “rope ID” window that makes it easy to see which of your ropes is inside. It’s easy to roll up and packs tight. It has only one carry strap, which adds a stylish shoulder bag look to the pack. Get it here.

Most Functional

Psychi Rock Climbing Rope Bag with Ground Sheet, Buckles and Carry Straps 


Easily Carries More Than Just Rope. Comfortable to carry with many pockets for all of your climbing essentials.  

What We Liked: 

Any rope bag can hold a rope, but the Psychi Rock Climbing Rope Bag sets itself apart from others in its price range. It has additional pockets that are handy for essentials, including your wallet, phone, keys and more. The spacious interior has plenty of room for all your climbing gear, from your rope to your rack. It also features a zippered pocket on the top that provides access to small essentials without opening the main bag. The overall weight is light and easy to climb with; padded shoulder straps allow for a comfortable carry. It’s available now.

Best Value

NiceClimbs Brand Rock Climbing Rope Bag


You Won’t Believe It Cost Just $20. Comfortably carry a 70-meter rope, thanks to this bag’s lightweight design and backpack-style straps. 

What We Liked: 

In our opinion, the NiceClimbs Brand Rock Climbing Rope Bag delivers your “best bag for the buck.” It’s plenty big for storing 70m rope, plus there’s room for other gear, and it features a zippered storage compartment for essentials. Backpack-style straps and lightweight design make the NiceClimbs bag easy and comfortable to carry. And, when empty, the whole bag can be folded up and stuffed into the included storage pouch. It does have a built-in tarp, but at just 39” x 39”, the tarp is smaller than others in its price range, but that’s a minor glitch in an otherwise excellent design. At around $20, this bag has everything the more expensive bags have, at half the price. Get it today.