The Best Roasting Forks

Roasting marshmallows or sausages around a campfire is a time-honored outdoor tradition. Using sticks can be difficult and messy, though, so having a true utensil is the way to go. When choosing a roasting fork, pay attention to its length, material, and features.
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Best Overall

Camco Durable Stainless Steel Hot Dog and Smore Roasting Fork

Simple and Functional

This extendable tool makes it easy to achieve the perfect cooking conditions over a campfire.

What We Liked

With a handle that extends to 34 inches long, this fork can reach across large fires to find the ideal combination of heat and height. The stainless steel arm and prongs are durable, and won’t rust. Plus, this fork comes with rubber protectors for the sharp tines. Buy Now on Amazon.

Most Versatile

Jolly Green Products Extendable Rotating Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

Plentiful and Sharp

This set of five forks is great for families or group camping.

What We Liked 

With five forks included in the set, there are enough to go around for a large group so everybody can cook what they want. The forks’ tines are angled to hold items like hot dogs and marshmallows in place. The mint-green handle is also eye-catching. Buy Now on Amazon.

Most Colorful

SUMPRI Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

Bright and Playful

Stand out from the crowd with these neon campfire forks,

What We Liked 

Families with young children, or anybody looking for a little whimsy around the campfire, will love these roasting forks. With six colors in the set, you can make sure that nobody will confuse their tool with someone else’s. Tine protectors are good for transporting forks, as well as safety when not in use. Buy Now on Amazon.

Most Durable

Coghlan's Telescoping Extension BBQ Fork

Sturdy and Dependable

A handsome wood handle sets this roasting fork apart and will make it last for a long time.

What We Liked

This tool’s resilient wooden handle also has a thumb-rolling device so you can rotate your food while it’s on the fork. It telescopes to 34 inches long, so you can sit back from the fire and still obtain a thorough cooking regimen. The tines will skewer most foods and hold them securely. Buy Now on Amazon.