Best Replacement Hydration Bladders

Hydration bladders make it easy to stay hydrated while being active outside—whether on a hike, backpacking trip, or wherever else your plans take you. By slotting right into a backpack and featuring a long hose with a convenient mouthpiece, these bladders leave us with little excuse for not drinking water and doing our part in remaining healthy during our adventures. If you’re looking for a replacement hydration bladder, we’ve got you covered. We’ve pulled together four great options spanning different capacities, colors, designs, and prices, so there’s sure to be something here that works for you.
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Best on a Budget

CHERAINTI Hydration Bladder 2 Liter

Affordable Two-Liter. Offering a two-liter hydration bladder and an included bandana, this CHERAINTI hydration bladder stands out as the most affordable option on our list. Hydrate for less!

What We Liked

If you’re eager to snag a two-liter bladder without making too much of a dent in your wallet, this budget-friendly option from CHERAINTI is a great pick. Plus, it’s backed by a money-back guarantee, so you can rest easy giving this one a try. We found this easy and effective on the trails. Get yours here.

Best Variety

WACOOL 3L Hydration Pack Bladder

Outstanding Colors and Designs. Available in a range of colors and designs, this WACOOL hydration bladder offers the best variety of stylish options on our list. Show off your personality!

What We Liked

 It’s ideal for those looking to personalize their look, even down to their gear. With options like a blue reservoir with a double opening or a green reservoir with just a top opening, this WACOOL hydration bladder also features a 0.6mm-thick liner designed for durability. Here's where to buy. 

Easiest to Clean 

OMORC Hydration Bladder 3L/2L

Large Slide Opening. Featuring a screw cap and a large sliding opening, this OMORC’s design makes the product easy to clean, so you can feel confident you’re getting the gunk out without too much fuss.

What We Liked 

The sliding opening on the top of this OMORC hydration bladder is just over six inches and slides off to allow for headache-free cleaning. Its 6cm screw cap can easily twist off for quickly filling the bladder up with ice and water. Keep everything simple and manageable with this bladder. Buy one now.

Best Minimalist Design

Platypus Big Zip Water Reservoir for Hydration Backpacks, 2-Liter

Easy Fit. Measuring about 8.5 inches wide by 15 inches tall, this two-liter hydration bladder from Platypus boasts a low-profile design that aims to make it simple to slip it right into your pack.

What We Liked

This lightweight bladder from Platypus weighs just 6 ounces and features a self-sealing bite valve designed to offer a fast and easy flow. So, you can stay hydrated without sacrificing too much space or weight. If you’re thinking minimal and durable, here’s your best bet. Get one today!

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