Best Rechargeable Flashlights

Imagine you’re hiking in a new area. It’s dark. You should have been back to camp already. Suddenly, you freeze. Your heart races. There on your right, not far away, a screech-like growl penetrates the deserted night. You’re afraid to run because there’s no moon. You can’t see. Not a hiker? Okay, moms and dads. It’s 10pm on a rainy Saturday night. Your six-year-old daughter screams from her room. “There’s someone out there!” You think you see something behind the bush in the backyard. But you can’t tell. Your flashlight batteries are dead. Don’t let this happen to you! We’ve uncovered four great choices to illuminate your darkest fears. These handheld lights are powerhouses that are built to provide you safety and convenience when you need it most.
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Best Emergency Spotlight

STANLEY FATMAX Ultra Bright LED Spotlight Flashlight

Pack Up Worries. When an emergency happens, whether on the road or at home, you want to be sure your flashlight delivers. Confidently store this light for up to 12 months. Plus, use either the AC or DC charging adapter to recharge no matter where you are.

What We Liked

When in need of a powerful light on the tire you’re changing, you don’t want to have to hold it or settle for a partially lit workspace. The locking triggers for the three brightness levels on this light, coupled with a collapsible pivoting stand, fixes that problem. The FATMAX SL10LEDS comes with both AC and DC adapters so you can recharge almost anywhere. The 10-watt LED delivers up to 2,200 lumens and runs up to an hour on High power, or up to seven hours on Low power. Plus, this flashlight comes with a full-year limited manufacturer warranty. Buy Now on Amazon.

Top Power

CSNDICE 35W LED Rechargeable Waterproof Handheld FlashlightsCSNDICE 35W LED Rechargeable Waterproof Handheld Flashlight

Light the Way. Delivering 35 watts of LED light reveals 6,000 lumens of eye-popping brightness. And because the Lithium-Ion battery stores up to 9,000mAh, you can keep the light shining bright for up to eight hours.

What We Liked

With 6,000 lumens on High power and 1,000 lumens on Low power, this flashlight delivers serious brightness. The 9,000mAh means you get to use that power for a long time. With this power, it’s easy to see 800 meters ahead for up to eight hours, or 300 meters for a full 30 hours. The enclosure is made of ABS plastic. It’s explosion, dust, shock and waterproof so you can count it being able to take a beating on the trail. It weighs under a pound and has a shoulder strap so it’s easy to carry on a hike. On top of all this, you can use it to recharge your phone or GPS. Buy Now.

Family Choice

BuySight Bright Rechargeable LED Tactical Flashlight

Versatile Emergency Flashlight. Power outages don’t mean you have to be without light or a phone. With built-in charging protection, you can safely charge your phone up to three times. 

What We Liked

BuySight has made upgrades to the 2019 model. There are now 9,600mAh rechargeable batteries that deliver 4.2 volts at 36 watts. They’re good for 1,000 cycles, so you’re not continuously buying new batteries. The new CREE XHP-70.2 LED light pushes out up to 6,000 lumens to brilliantly light your path. And their newest circuit chip has a defect rate of only two percent. That’s reliability. This flashlight comes with a shoulder strap, it’s rain/splash-proof, and it has Smart multiple charging protection for your phone’s safety. Thanks to continuous improvements made in battery performance and circuitry, you can count on long-lasting, bright emergency relief.  Shop on Amazon.

Campers Choice

NoCry 18W Waterproof Rechargeable Flashlight

Rugged Dependability. The NoCry 18-watt flashlight can handle being dropped in the rain or overboard. No worries about whether you’ll lose your favorite spotlight while on the water. 

What We Liked

Three settings allow you to control brightness, providing up to 20 hours before recharging. And it has 3,000mAh of storage power thanks to the rechargeable 7.4-volt Lithium-Ion battery. It comes with removable filters for emergency signaling and an adjustable stand. This red powerhouse is compact and weighs under a pound. The ABS and polystyrene shell is impact resistant, waterproof up to three feet deep, and it floats. Plus, it features a four-year limited warranty.  Get the NoCry Today at Amazon.

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