Best Rain Gauges

A simple but revealing addition to your home garden, patio, farm, or landscaped area, let these simple rain gauges keep track of Mother Nature’s liquid blessings. Whether being in tune with the weather and rainfall is a hobby or necessity, you’ll enjoy having one of our favorites around to help you record patterns. Shop our top picks below and find something that speaks to you and your needs!
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Best for Gardeners

AcuRite Easy-Read Magnifying Rain Gauge (5-Inch Capacity)

Easy and Ready to Use Instantly

This is a perfect addition for your backyard garden. Stay abreast of all the rainfall that accumulated during the day and overnight.

What We Liked

Designed to stake into turf or soil in your yard, this 12-inch tall rain gauge features large magnified numbers as well as one-tenth-inch increments that are easy to read from a distance. We appreciated the simple installation and possibility for super clear readings. You can see the numbers, so you don’t have to bend over so far or un-stake the gauge. Order Online.

Best for Patios

La Crosse Waterfall Rain Gauge (5-Inch Capacity)

Lovely Waterfall Design

Here’s a simple rain gauge for use on your patio or deck. You’ll appreciate the look and function!

What We Liked

This bucket-style rain gauge can be easily mounted on a patio railing, deck frame, or garden stake. A floating red rain marker lets you easily see rainfall amounts through the clear plastic container. Purchase Yours Today.

Most Accurate

Stratus Precision Rain Gauge with Mounting Bracket (10-Inch Capacity)

Your New Weather System

Built to National Weather Service standards, this rain gauge is ready to handle all conditions.

What We Liked

Standing at 14 inches tall, this plastic rain gauge collects rainwater through a funnel at the top and can be read through the interior measuring tube (which marks rainfall in one-tenth-inch increments for added precision). If you’re serious about measuring and want something backed by the professional weather folks, this one is your pick. Get It Here.

Easiest to Read

Headwind Consumer Products Jumbo EZRead Rain Gauge (5-Inch Capacity)

Jumbo Rain Gauge

If you require an extra-large rain gauge that’s designed to be read at a distance, here’s your best bet.

What We Liked

With this gauge, you’ll get a large 26-inch tube that can be easily mounted on a fencepost or deck. The large-format, yellow numbering (in quarter-inch increments) helps estimate rainfall amounts quickly from a distance. Great for children and elderly alike! And anyone in between who prefers not having to squint to get a clear read... Buy Now.

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