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Best Rain Boots for Men

Being an outdoorsman, a real outdoorsman, means shrugging off the occasional less-than-ideal weather for a wilderness adventure. If you want to get out into nature for a day, weekend, or week long excursion you can’t always wait for the perfect clear blue sky day. But just because you’re tough, doesn’t mean you can’t also be comfortable. High-quality rain boots keep feet dry and warm in wet, muddy, and cold conditions. If you work outdoors, rain boots are a must for adequate foot protection. We’ve put together a list of the best rain boots with insulating capabilities, durable uppers, and heavy-duty treads. Find your perfect pair and never dread the weather again.
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Best Insulated Boot

Bogs Mens Classic High No Handle Waterproof Insulated Rain Boot

Non-Slip and Self-Cleaning. Completely waterproof and still easy to pull on with the 12-inch neoprene upper.

What We Liked

The inner bootie uses a four-way stretch fabric that provides extra insulation and a comfortable fit inside the boot. We love how easy it is to clean off mud and dirt just by hosing down the entire boot, including the neoprene uppers.  Get them here.

Best Winter Boot

ArcticShield Men’s Waterproof Durable Insulated Rubber Outdoor Boots

Reliable Winter Protection. Two layers of insulation combine for great cold-weather protection, plus reliable traction you can feel in every step with the durable rubber tread.

What We Liked

No strangers to foot, back, and leg pain from poor arch support, we have a deep appreciation of these boots’ removable insoles. They’re perfect for people on their feet for an extended amount of time in wet and cold conditions. Buy them now. 

Best for Mud and Slush

Kamik Men’s Hunter Boot

Never Fear a Flood. A rubber exterior combines with a thermal-guard liner to give these boots a rating to temperatures of - 40 ℉.

What We Liked

If you’ve ever had snow or mud slip down the inside of your waterproof boots, rendering them useless, you’ll be as excited as we are for the drawstring snow skirt at the top of these heavy-duty boots. They’re made in Canada, where snow and sub-zero temperatures were invented. Trust the Canadians to make a boot that’ll render you immune to wet and cold. Get them now. 

Best Three-Season Boot

Crocs Men’s AllCast Rain Boot

Fully Molded and Cushioned. Fabricated in a single piece, there are no seams or joints in these boots into which water could leak.

What We Liked

Yes, they’re Crocs, but no they don't have the trademark holes through the toe box. These 100% rubber boots provide straightforward protection against water, mud, and slush. The tight uppers help prevent water or slush from running down the interior, and they’re comfortable enough for walking in them for hours. Buy them here. 

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