Best Pot Lifters

Whether you’re looking for a safer way to lift your Instant Pot, carry a hot baking pan, release steam, or cook boiled eggs, pot lifters are the solution. Typically made with reinforced handles, pot lifters allow you to safely move pots. The non-handle designs allow you to release steam from a pot by propping the lid open. Material, size, and functionality are all important features to evaluate when selecting a pot lifter. We’ve reviewed three great pot lifters on the market and provided their best features and benefits below.
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Most Compatible 

Pressure Cooker Sling Goldlion Silicone Bakeware Lifter 

Versatile Pressure Cooker Sling. Pressure cooker sling designed to lift 3-quart Instant Pot and other bakeware.

What We Liked: 

The Goldlion Cooker Sling is durable and reusable. The sling is made out of heat-resistant silicone, which allowed us to easily and safely lift our bakeware out of our Instant Pot. We loved the ability to use the sling as an egg steamer rack, as well as its ability to lift other bakeware and pans. Get it here.

Fun Design 

Tovolo Pot Lid Lifts

Farm Animal Shaped Pot Lid Lifts. Farm animal shaped pot lifts designed to raise lids to prevent spillovers.

What We Liked: 

The Tovolo Pot Lid Lifts come with in a set of three farm animal designs. We loved the simple functionality of placing these lid lifts o top of pans while simmering soups and sauces. We enjoyed the ability to move around the kitchen without worrying that water would boil over in our pans. The colorful, fun designs also gave us a few good laughs and smiles in the kitchen. Get them here.

Easy Clean-up

Instant Pot 5252048 Official Bakeware Sling 

Non-stick Baking Sling. Easy to clean, non-stick silicone baking sling designed to safely lift and move pots.

What We Liked: 

The Instant Pot 5252048 Official Bakeware Sling is compatible with both 6-quart and 8-quart cookers. We took advantage of the secure-lock handles and were able to safely drain grease and fat from meats while we roasted chicken. We loved that the sling was dishwasher safe, making clean up easy. Buy it today.

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