Best Portable Shovels

Yes, a bear does poop in the woods, and you might have to also. But that’s just one of many uses your portable shovel may provide. If you find yourself having to dig your car out of trouble in sand or snow, a portable shovel is a life-saver. And being able to quickly etch out drainage around your tent in a downpour will help to keep you dry. Today’s portable shovels are solid-built and lightweight, the four options we reviewed below are great tools. Now, all you have to do is decide whether you want the basics or extras. Don’t worry though, we give you the scoop on these portable shovels you’re sure to dig.
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Best Size

Rhino USA Folding Survival Shovel w/pick

Won’t let you down

Solid, compact, tough. That’s what you need in a portable shovel. This made in the USA tool is built to last.

What We Liked

Built like it’s ready for action, this portable shovel is 2Lbs of powder-coated carbon steel. It measures a full 23” long and still folds nicely down to just 9” x 6” to fit into the durable case. It’s a shovel, pickax, and sharp saw in one package. It’s backed by a Lifetime Warranty and a Money-Back guarantee. Get It Here.

Highly Portable

CO-Z Mini Survival Shovel

Portability Made Easy

To be truly portable, your portable shovel needs to be lightweight and comfortable enough to carry on your hip. This little gem is big enough to handle the job and is truly portable.

What We Liked

This high-carbon steel shovel is heat-treated to ensure it keeps its shape and resists rust. The shovel head measures only 6.3” x 4.7” and the handle is 11.8” long. Plenty of digging volume for the garden or your next backpacking trip. It may weigh less than 2Lbs, but it’s obviously solid. Buy Here.

Best Survivor’s Kit

TAC9ER Tactical Multitool 15-in-1 Shovel - Portable, Compact, Military Steel Shovel with Carrying Pouch

15 tools in One

Surviving in the wilderness means much more than digging a potty-pit. This portable shovel is your complete multi-tool so you can go beyond just surviving.

What We Liked

Aside from having almost every tool you need for the next packing trip or emergency, this portable shovel is tough. It measures a long 29” and still folds up into a compact 9” x 6” nylon pouch. It’s made of aircraft-grade aluminum and carbon steel to ensure lastability. You have an axe, hex driver, serrated knife, wire cutter, hoe, harpoon, saw, rescue knife, bottle opener, safety hammer, compass, Phillips head bit, flathead bit, and fire starter all in one convenient place. It’s backed with a 30-day and 5-year no-questions asked warranty. Order Online.

Best Lightweight Multi-tool Shovel

 FiveJoy Military Folding Shovel Multitool (C1) - Portable Foldable Survival Tool - Entrenching Backpack Equipment for Hiking Camping Emergency Car - Bushcraft Gear: Shovels and Accessories Tools Kit

All in One

In the wild or in an emergency, you want to have the ability to light a fire, find your directions, let others know where you are or discourage wild animals, and be able to dig, cut, chop, and shovel your way out of danger.

What We Liked

this quality-made multi-tool shovel has the survivor tools you need. There’s a whistle, fire-starter, paracord, saw edge, knife, bottle opener, and of course, a shovel. At a mere 1.2Lbs, it’s incredibly light, and portable. Carry it on your belt, in your backpack, or the trunk of your car. The shovel angle is unique in that it can be adjusted to three different angles. The handle has slip-proof cushioning and is water resistant. This amazing portable shovel and complete survivor’s kit fits nicely in its’ rugged, easy to clean, and attractive carrier. Get It Now.

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