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Best Portable High Chairs

Whether you’re camping, picnicking at a park, or traveling, you know that having adequate seating for your toddler is critical. That used to be a struggle, but no longer. With pop-up toddler chairs for nearly any occasion, your little one can sit right beside you at a picnic table, a restaurant table, your campsite, or at home. Smaller pop-up chairs are perfect for the great outdoors, camping trips, or playdates. The best popup chairs available are sturdy, portable, machine washable, and some even have dishwasher safe parts for complete convenience. Here are four of the best options we’ve found.
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Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair for Travel

Boost Your Child. Give your child a table-high view with this foldable, portable high chair for children up to three years old.

What We Liked: 

Though tall, this chair meets the ASTM and EU high chair safety standards and comes with a five-point safety harness. It holds children up to three years old or 35 pounds. It boasts a built-in tray with a cupholder for easy mealtimes. It unfolds and locks into place in seconds. Packing up is a breeze, too. The tray is covered in clear vinyl for straightforward, simple cleaning, and the chair is made of durable nylon. It also comes with a convenient carrying case for travel or storage. Get it here.

Best Low Chair

Summer Infant Pop and Sit Portable Booster

Instant Child Seat. Take this with you for an instant child-size seat for the park, a camping trip, or easy seating around the house.

What We Liked: 

The lightweight folding frame goes up in seconds for instant seating for your child. The tray is fully detachable, dishwasher safe, and BPA free. This is durable enough for indoor or outdoor use and comes with a convenient carrying case for trips away from home. The chair has a 3-point safety strap and can be adapted to a regular adult-sized chair for eating at the table. Get it here.

Best for Tables

Inglesina Fast Table Chair

Toddlers, Pull Up a Seat! Let your kiddo eat at the table like a grownup with this table-ready attachable high chair for restaurants, picnic tables, or home.

What We Liked: 

This chair attaches to nearly any table for use anywhere you are. It holds a child up to 37 pounds with a 3-point harness. Setup is fast and easy with a twist-tight coupling. The chair is completely collapsible, and the fabric is machine washable. A storage pocket in the back provides handy access to wipes, toys, and snacks. This chair is ideal for toddlers between 6 to 36 months old. Buy it here.

Best Overall

Hiccapop Omniboost Travel Booster Seat with Tray for Baby

Pop-Up Seat for Toddlers. Use this handy pop-up high chair anywhere you are from the park to your home for toddlers from six months to three years old.

What We Liked: 

This chair has it all. Able to seat a child from six months to three years old, it has an unbelievable weight limit of 250 pounds. The fabric is machine washable, and the dining tray can be placed in the dishwasher. The entire chair is lightweight, durable, and fits into an easy-carry pack for transportation. A frustration-free folding frame ensures quick setup and takedown. A rear pocket can hold snacks, spoons, and other supplies – all out of the reach of your toddler. The chair is highly tip-resistant with a wide base and “duck feet” for even weight distribution. Finally, turn any chair into a high chair with attached straps that can retrofit any dining room seat at home. Buy it here.

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