Best Patellar Tendon Straps

Whether you’ve experienced a recent knee injury, years of wear and tear on your knees, or recovery from a surgery, patellar tendon straps can ease pain and discomfort. Patellar tendon straps are designed with adjustable straps to be positioned below your knee joint and provide secure pain relief and support. Material, adjustability, size, and stability are all important features to evaluate when selecting a patellar tendon strap. Below, you’ll find four great patellar tendon straps we have tested and trust as the best on the market.
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Best Value 

IPOW 2 Pack Knee Pain Relief & Patella Stabilizer Knee Strap Brace 

2-Pack Knee Strap. This 2-pack of comfortable, shock-absorbing knee straps are designed to provide pain relief and stabilization.

What We Liked

These knee braces are adjustable from 14 inches to 18 inches in circumference. We liked that this product was offered in a 2-pack because sometimes, both of our knees have issues. The material was comfortable against our skin and did not cause any itching. We found the straps easy to put on and to remove. Order Online.

Best for Workouts

Colorful Patella Knee Straps 

Colorful Patella Knee Straps. This patella knee strap is designed to provide knee pain relief and stability, but it’s also offered in multiple color options for a personal touch.

What We Liked

The Abco Tech strap comes in black, white, pink, and blue. We found this strap easy to put on and to adjust. We liked the breathable material and the fact that it stayed in place throughout our activities and workouts. It paired well with our gym wear, too. The multiple color options helped us to know which one was ours in the locker room, and many of our testers purchased every color for varied looks. Purchase Yours Today.

Best Support 

Run Forever Sports Patella Strap Knee Brace Support 

Quality Strap for Stability. This patella brace is designed for great shock absorption, compressive strength, and impact resistance.

What We Liked

This knee support is adjustable from 13 inches to 19 inches circumference. We liked that the strap had a unique silicon insert that provided great support and shock absorption. The neoprene and lycra materials were comfortable on our legs and didn’t cause any chafing during our walks, jogs, and daily chores. Get It Here.

Best on a Budget

Marquee Sports Patella Knee Strap

Support for Less. This adjustable patella knee strap is designed for support and pain relief from common knee injuries. To boot, it’s offered at an affordable price.

What We Liked

This strap includes a dual Velcro strap that can be adjusted from 10 inches to 21 inches around. We appreciated that the strap was comfortable and easy to put on our leg. The breathable neoprene lining helped keep our strap dry and odor free during summer hikes and yardwork. Bonus: The one-year money back guarantee made the great price all the better. Buy Now.

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