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Best Neoprene Booties

If you take part in sports in cold or cool water, neoprene booties will be handy. They work like a wetsuit for your feet. Your body heat warms a thin layer of water against your skin, keeping your feet warmer. You’ll notice the difference in particular when you’re out for hours in cold open water. The booties come in a variety of lengths, from ankle boots and socks, to high boots with durable zippers. The soles have non-slip grip, and sometimes, they boast hard rubber soles ideal for pushing kayaks and canoes from the rocky banks of rivers and lakes. Anytime you plan on getting your feet wet, wear neoprene booties and experience the difference they make in your overall comfort. Have a look at our best neoprene bootie picks with different features and thicknesses. We hope you find something perfect for you water activity right here.
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Best for Water Sports 

Mares Neoprene 2 mm Scuba Snorkeling Dive Boots with Anti-Slip Rubber Sole 

Lightweight and Packable. The uppers of these lightweight ankle boots are 2 mm thick neoprene with a rubber textured outsole for grip.

What We Liked: 

They’re easy to get on and off, and excess water flows out with no need to remove the entire boot. While the soles are thin, they grip well on a boat to prevent slipping, and you can walk on hot sand in comfort, too. Get it here.

Best for Kayaking and Rafting 

Neo-Sport Premium Neoprene Men & Women Wetsuit Boots 

Puncture-Resistant and Durable. These rugged boots come in three thicknesses (3, 5, and 7 mm) for different water temperatures. They also have a puncture resistant hard rubber sole and a heavy-duty zipper.

What We Liked: 

The Water Entry Barrier zipper helps prevent water from entering the boot, even when getting in and out of a kayak. The durable rubber soles are perfect for walking on uneven river beds and rocky beaches. You’ll enjoy your day on the water with these booties. Buy them now.

Best Value

Seavenger Zephyr 3mm Neoprene Dive Socks

Stretchy and Warm. These super-stretchy 3 mm neoprene socks have non-slip grip texture on the foot, and they’re both glued and blind stitched to minimize water flow and improve the lifespan of the sock.

What We Liked:

 These come in 14 colors and patterns to add a little extra style to a standard scuba outfit, or to help family members tell their gear apart. They help conserve body warmth and provide non-slip gripping on boats and poolside. Buy them today.

Best for Scuba Diving

Cressi Tall Neoprene Boots 

Built for Fins. These tall boots come in both 5 and 7 mm thicknesses of super-stretchy neoprene with a heavy duty zipper and tough rubber sole.

What We Liked: 

The special design of the heel of these boots features a catch for open heel fins. This prevents the strap from slipping. They’re great for walking in any condition, as the hard rubber sole withstands rocks and pebbles, and grips wet slippery surfaces. Get them here.