Best Mini Trail Cameras

Trail cameras serve a variety of purposes, from tracking game to hunt, to capturing and viewing elusive habits of wild animals, and even for security. But when you’re trusting a device to capture what you can’t, you need one that is reliable, fool-proof, and can withstand the elements.These four cameras fit the bill.
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Most Compact

TOGUARD Mini Trail Camera 16MP 1080P Game Camera

Reliable Game Camera

Lightweight and reliable gadget for capturing wildlife images.

What We Liked

This camera’s small size and camouflage exterior make it especially inconspicuous when mounted on a tree or wall. At only 12.8 ounces, it’s easily transportable and easy to handle. A 2-inch built-in screen allows you to view recordings directly from the device before uploading them to a computer. A 120° angle lense captures high-resolution images, making it a good option for a range of uses. Get it here. 

Simplest Camera

APEMAN H40 Mini Trail Camera

Multi-Use Camera

High quality images at a low cost.

What We Liked

This camera integrates multiple functions—such as a timer and time-lapse capability—while remaining extremely simple to operate. The small body makes it easy to conceal, so you won’t scare away wildlife, but will capture stunning images. The simple setup and ease of use make this camera a great option for anyone wanting to monitor wildlife or increase their home security. Buy it now. 

Best Night Vision

Campark Mini Trail Camera

Day or Night

Capture crystal clear images in every scenario.

What We Liked

Despite its small size, this device takes clear photos and videos no matter the light or weather. With 850 nm LEDs, it can detect and show movement even in pitch darkess, so you’ll never miss a moment. A wide-angle lens and waterproof protective case round out the features so you can get more footage. Buy it here. 

Best Images

GardePro A3 Trail Camera

Full-Value Camera

A variety of features serve all your purposes.

What We Liked

You won’t miss a moment with this camera—a 0.1s trigger speed detects fast motion up to 82 feet away. A special lens and sensor ensure captured images remain crisp and clear even in low light and at night. A high-res viewing screen lets you see your photos and videos in color directly on the device. With all of these features, this camera ensures high value for a low cost. Get it now. 

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