Best Medical Use Paper Tape

Medical tape is an essential item for any first aid kit or medicine cabinet—it’s multi-functional, and works great for securing guaze bandages, stabilizing joints, and much more. These four types of tape are great buys for anyone looking to round out their med kit.

Most Breathable

Medpride Paper Surgical Tape

Easy to Use Medical Tape

This functional tape is good to keep on hand.

What We Liked

This medical tape is light and flexible, making it comfortable to wear over wounds or injuries. It’s gentle on the skin, and its light construction allows for lots of airflow to promote healing. It’s easy to tear, and the adhesive holds up over long days. Buy now on Amazon.

Most Convenient

Nexcare Gentle Paper Tape

Easy-to-Use Medical Tape

Medical tape for your household or first aid kit.

What We Liked

This tape comes in a plastic dispenser, making it especially easy to unroll and tear just the right amount for use, unlike other rolls that are difficult to unravel. The light paper and gentle adhesive doesn’t cause irritating even on the most sensitive skin. Buy now on Amazon.

Best Allergen-Free Tape

3M Micropore Paper Tape

Hypoallergenic Surgical Tape

Quality tape for sensitive patients.

What We Liked

Aside from being strong and sticky, this tape is great for people with sensitive skin or allergies. It’s latex-free and won’t cause irritation or rashes. While the adhesive holds fast while you move about, it peels off painlessly. Buy now on Amazon.

Most Flexible

JOHNSON & JOHNSON Band-AID First Aid Paper Tape

Comfortable Medical Tape

Useful first aid tape.

What We Liked

This tape is soft, flexible, and easy to tear. It’s air permeable, making it comfortable to wear on any part of the body. The tape is easy and painless to remove, so it won’t hurt or irritate the skin. Because it peels off easily, this product works well for securing bandages that need to be changed often. Buy now on Amazon.