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Best Marine Boat Cup Holders

As humans, we crave convenience and accessibility. Case in point: we want cup holders everywhere. In our cars, on our bikes, near our chairs, and virtually anywhere you might want a drink handy–which is pretty much everywhere. Perhaps no setting goes more hand in hand with having a drink close by than on a boat. You're out in the sun enjoying some fishing, sandbars, or simply pleasure cruising around, and (especially on hot days) nothing beats having your favorite beer, soda, spritzer, or water bottle within reach. So, if you just bought a boat, or you're looking to upgrade the coolness factor of your current one, check out some of the best marine boat cup holders we could find for your next fun in the sun day. Have a look at our favorites on the market now.
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Most Durable

SeaLux 4pcs Stainless Steel Cup Drink Holder

Easy Installation and Fits Anywhere

Made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, these SeaLux cup holders fit in and easily replace virtually every standard plastic drop-in cup holder around your boat for sturdier and better insulating drink placement.

What We Liked

Whether you're looking to replace the existing plastic drop-in cup holders that come stock on most boats, or you're drilling into fiberglass or starboard to create a new space to hold your drinks, these SeaLux stainless steel cup holders make a great upgrade. The Amarine stainless steel is highly corrosion-resistant, meaning it'll withstand saltwater spray, everyday hosing, and condensation from your drinks without rusting. The cup holders come with the drain hoses and mounting gaskets needed for easy installation, and each one is lined with an internal pad to prevent vibration and noise. Order Online.

Best Quality

Amarine Made 2pcs Stainless Steel Cup Drink Holder

Fits Your Favorite Tumbler

Perfect for replacing existing plastic cup holders on dashboards, seatbacks, gunwales, prep tables, and all around your boat, this pair of cup holders are sleek, stylish and sturdy additions to any marine setting.

What We Liked

These Amarine stainless steel cup holders offer a 93-millimeter opening with a two level recession with 82 millimeters of total depth. Everything from skinny cans, regular beer/soda cans, standard water bottles, and even insulated tumblers up to 30 ounces fit securely. The cup holders are self-draining. You just need a piece of tubing to run it into a live well or straight onto your decking. Purchase Yours Today.

Best Overall

Deep Blue Marine MB-2 2 Drink Holder & Storage

Drink and Personal Item Storage

Capable of mounting both horizontally and vertically, this dual-purpose drink holder from Deep Blue Marine has ample space for two drinks (of varying sizes) plus a center dugout ideal for keeping wallets, cellphones, and keys secured.

What We Liked

Unlike most cup holders that feature a round opening of a certain size, this drink holder offers two oblong, teardrop shaped openings that fit handled mugs, insulated cups, and everything in between. At 5 by 3.5 inches and 3 inches deep, the center compartment between the drink holders is great for stowing your wallet, phone, sunscreen, and other items you want to keep in sight and easily accessible. The unit is made of marine grade polymer that fits into the aesthetic of most boat consoles and decking. Best of all, it’s designed to last a lifetime. Get It Here.

Most Versatile

RUR 4pcs Stainless Steel Boat Ring Cup Holder

Flexible and Low Profile

Made of 304 stainless steel, this set of four cup holders resemble the style found on many bicycles. They make for easy vertical mounting on center consoles, gun wales, prep stations, and a variety of convenient places around your boat.

What We Liked

Using four screws, these ring cup holders from RUR make it easy to install these flexible, stainless steel cup holders virtually anywhere you have a vertical surface on your boat. They're also great for RVs, campers, trucks, or backyard mounting. They fit most standard-sized cups, cans, and bottles up to 70 millimeters in diameter. The ring construction gives them a low profile and space-saving way to mount and secure drinks, even on bumpier boat rides. Buy Now.

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