The Best Lightning Detectors

Monitoring the weather is a crucial component of outdoor activities such as hiking, boating, and climbing. Lightning can be dangerous if you’re exposed, and getting to cover when electrical storms are heading your way is a smart decision. Carrying a lightning detector will help you react to impending danger and head to safety quickly.

Best Overall

AcuRite 02020 Portable Lightning Detector

Compact and Reliable

This palm-size device is invaluable for determining if an electrical storm is coming your way.

What We Liked

This device has a range of 25 miles, and will alert you when a dangerous storm is getting close. A strike counter can help you determine the severity of the storm, and the loud alarm is hard to miss. The device is also small, so you can carry it anywhere. Buy Now.

Best Battery Life

Robic Strike Alert Personal Lightning Detector

Long-lasting and Dependable

This device will last you for days on end, making it a good choice for long weekends in the outdoors.

What We Liked

Heading someplace remote? This detector will last for 100 hours on only two AAA batteries. It can sense lightning strikes up to 40 miles away, so you’ll have ample time to move to safer ground. A belt clip keeps the device handy at all times. Buy Now.

Best User Interface

Xtreme Research Skyscan Lightning/Storm Detector

Intuitive and Easy to Read

Color-coded warning lights make it a cinch to determine how far you are from a dangerous storm.

What We Liked

Knowing that a storm is coming is helpful, but it’s even better to know how far away it is. This device has easily distinguishable lights for a range of distances from zero to 40 miles, so you can get a better sense of what to expect, and when. A loud tone for severe storms helps indicate the danger level over more common lightning strikes. Buy Now.