Best LED Wheel Lights for Bicycles

If you’re looking to seriously stand out while biking at night, LED wheel lights might be just the thing you're looking for. These lights attach to wheels and come in a range of colors and designs, so you can spruce up your bike with your own style, all while boosting your visibility and staying safe in the dark. If you’re in search of the right LED wheel lights for you and your ride, we’ve got you covered. We’ve pulled together a range of our favorite wheel lights with different price points, colors, and designs.  Check out our picks.
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Best Value

Activ Life 2-Tire Pack LED Bike Wheel Lights

Budget-Friendly Two-Tire Pack. Featuring a two-tire pack with batteries included, these Activ Life wheel lights stand out as the best bang-for-your-buck option on our list.

What We Liked

Designed to fit wheels from 12 inches up to 29 inches with no tools required, these easy-to-install Activ Life lights offer everything you need to brighten up both wheels of your bike. You can make your ride uniquely yours and even safer, all for a very reasonable price. Pick up yours at Amazon. 

Most Customizable

Monkey Light M232 Bike Wheel Light

42 Included Themes. Coming with 42 built-in themes like hearts, lightning, stars, and skulls, these Monkey Light wheel lights bring unique designs to a whole new level, offering a “shuffle mode” so you can cycle through a range of patterns on each wheel.

What We Liked

Boasting up to 200 lumens of light output, these bright lights from Monkey Light allow you to choose from 64 colors, 42 themes, and five random modes to create tons of unique combinations that suit you and your biking style. With these, you can feel confident you’ll never get bored with a stale design. Available on Amazon.

Best Variety

Brightz WheelBrightz LED Bicycle Wheel Accessory Light

Many Color Options. Available in 13 different color options including pink, blue, gold, rainbow, pastel, and patriotic, these Brightz wheel lights offer the widest variety of distinct color options on our list.

What We Liked

Coming in a two-pack bundle for two bike tires, these wheel lights from Brightz are designed to fit almost any wheel 20 inches and over, though they will not work with wheels that have an unusually low or high number of spokes. Just be sure to check your bike’s compatibility before ordering.  Buy Now on Amazon.

Best on a Budget

N&M Products GlowRiders Ultra Bright LED Bike Wheel Light String

Seven-Foot String. Featuring one seven-foot-long string of 20 LEDs, this one-pack of bike wheel lights from N&M Products stands out as the least expensive option on our list.

What We Liked

Available in six color options for a budget-friendly price, these bike lights from N&M Products are a great pick for those who want to try out the unique look and added visibility of wheel lights. Best of all, you can give these lights a whirl without breaking the bank as you experiment with your look.   Shop Today.

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