Best Kid-Friendly Climbing Holds

It’s never too early to get your child into rock climbing. Constructing a home wall or installing climbing holds on an existing jungle gym can be intimidating. But these holds are easy to install and will add a new level of fun to your home play set. Best of all, they’re kid-friendly, and your little climber will love reaching new heights.
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Robust Hold Set

Pro-Hold Assorted Rock Climbing Holds

Full Climbing Hold Collection

This one set provides all you need to get started.

What We Liked: 

With 22 individual holds, this set will fill out your backyard climbing area in no time. Hardware is included, making installation a cinch so you can get climbing sooner. These holds are built for outdoor use, so they’ll hold up to the elements, and kids love the multi-colored grips. Buy Now on Amazon.

Best for Small Children

Squirrel Products Kids Rock Climbing Holds

Climbing Holds Made for Little Kids

These holds were made with tiny climbers in mind.

What We Liked:

These holds are made for small hands and feet—they’re easy for young kids to grasp, and light texturing helps them hold on. Included safety plugs ensure that little fingers won’t get caught in the bolt holes. They can easily be installed on a swing set or climbing wall to get your kid moving. Buy Now.

Fun and Durable Climbing Holds

Squirrel Products Kids Large Rock Climbing Holds

Handholds for Young Climbers

A perfect starter-kit for your home climbing area.

What We Liked:

These holds are larger and especially easy to grip, making them suitable for beginner climbers of all ages and sizes. They are best for small hands and feet, but strong enough to support an adult’s weight. They are meant for outdoor use on play sets, and hold up well to weather and wear over time. Get Now on Amazon.

Natural-Looking Climbing Holds

Rocky Mountain Climbing Gear Screw On Climbing Holds

Realistic Rock Climbing Holds

Easy to grip, these holds feel like the real thing.

What We Liked:

Want to feel like you’re climbing real rock while on the jungle gym or home climbing wall? These holds look and feel like real stone, so they’ll blend in with their surroundings. The texture makes them easy to hold onto so you and your kids can feel like a true rock climber. Buy Now. 

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