Best Kayak and Canoe Hoists for Garages

Having your own kayak, canoe or paddle board helps you save money when you’re not renting every time you hit the lake and opens up a world of possibility for new adventures. The only question is, where on Earth are you going to store it? It’s time to utilize that empty ceiling space in your garage, shop, shed or – if you’re short on space – even your living room. A hoist system is made up of pulleys that allows one person to easily lift a watercraft, bike, or even a ladder up to the ceiling for safe storage. Then, when it’s time to hit the water, you can easily lower it right on to your car’s roof rack. We’ve rounded up our favorite picks with features ranging from extra stability, to safety systems.
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Best Stability

StoreYourBoard Kayak Ceiling Storage Hoist

Steady Pick

A hanging system that will keep your watercrafts from swinging.

What We Liked

The customizable straps on this lift allow you to hang whatever width or length kayak you have. Hang your kayak, paddleboard or other long toys up to 60-pounds in weight with this set up. This system’s Pro model comes with a horizontal strap that will allow you to stabilize your load bearing straps to keep your watercraft in place overhead. Install is simple, you’ll have your kayak off the garage floor in no time. Get it now.

Most Affordable

Extreme Max Hoist

Wallet-Friendly Pick

A budget conscious choice for overhead storage.

What We Liked

This basic system is perfect for storing all manner of bulky objects overhead. The adjustable straps allow you to hang everything from kayaks to bikes to ladders. The 50-foot rope will allow you to hoist up to almost any ceiling and the 120-pound threshold lets you hang all your toys. This set up makes it easy for a single person to operate, getting you on the water, faster. Find it here.


1004 Kayak Hoist

Heavy Lifter

A heavy duty hoist that protects from damage.

What We Liked

This system can hoist up to 125-pounds to your garage ceiling. Rubber coated hooks allow you to hang right off them without worry about damage. Don’t worry about the pulley system accidentally releasing and dropping your kayak on your car. This hoist’s safety system keeps your watercraft locked in place until you’re ready to lower. Buy it now.