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Best Gear Lofts

Tent camping is a fun and enjoyable activity for the whole family. But let’s face it: there’s only so much room on the tent floor to hold all of your gear. That’s where gear lofts come in handy. These inventions hook to the top or side of your tent to provide more storage space off the ground for gear like headlamps, books, electronics, and other items. Before you head out on your next camping trip, choose from one of these top five gear lofts to increase your in-tent storage.
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Best All-Around

Kelty Gear Loft

Stash Extra Gear. Utilize the top space of your tent for storage with this durable gear loft from a well-known brand.

What We Liked: 

Kelty has long been a major name in the world of backpacking and hiking. They don’t disappoint with their gear loft. It can fit most tents, and it sports a lantern clip for nighttime reading. A glasses pocket ensures you’ll never lose your sunglasses before an important trek. The total area is 12 x 19 inches and is made entirely of mesh nylon. Hanging straps are adjustable to the size of your tent. And it only weighs 2 ounces. Buy it here.

Best for Organization

 Big Agnes Gear Loft

A Place for Everything. If you love organization when you’re on the trail, you’ll love this six-pocket gear loft.

What We Liked: 

This mesh gear loft fits most tents and has adjustable straps for sizing purposes. This is a gear loft wall that fits onto the side of a tent and comes with six pockets for organizing small items such as a flashlight, sunglasses, bug spray, suntan lotion, jewelry or watches, and other small items. Empty, it weighs 3 ounces. Get it here.

Best Small-Tent Loft

NEMO Galaxi 3 Gear Loft

Store Small Items. For extra space to store your wallet, keys, sunglasses, and cellphone, this gear loft is what you need.

What We Liked: 

The pockets are large enough to store several small items that you don’t want to lose, such as your sunglasses, keys, and wallet. Space in the middle is available to insert headlamps to light the inside of your tent. It clips conveniently into loops inside of your tent and fills the top area that is often wasted space. At only 1.9 ounces, it’s super lightweight for any backpacking trip. Get it here.

Runner-Up Small Loft

NEMO Galaxi 2 Gear Loft

Keep Items Handy. Keep your wallet, keys, cell phone, and watch conveniently available by storing them in this small gear loft.

What We Liked: 

Able to fit most tents, this gear loft is perfect for storing small items you don’t want to lose. Convenient pouches in the middle provide space for headlamps to light your tent at night and keep close when not in use. You’ll never lose your keys, wallet, or cellphone among all your camping gear with this gear loft. Buy it here.

Best Large Gear Loft

NEMO Dagger Gear Loft Accessory

Dry Clothes or Store Items. Keep all your important items handy or use this mesh loft to dry clothes.

What We Liked: 

This large loft includes pockets to store all your small items such as watches, cellphones, sunglasses, and keys. Special pockets are provided for headlamps to light up your tent during the night and store them during the day. It’s large enough to hang a shirt, pair of shorts, or pair of quick-dry pants to dry after washing. Buy it here.

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