Best Food Dehydrators

Whether you’re trying to preserve seasonal fruit, make your own beef jerky, or save storage space, a reliable food dehydrator may be just what you need. With the use of an integrated heat source and airflow, dehydrators remove the moisture from food while shrinking the size of it, as well. The heat source, size, and ease of use are important features to evaluate when selecting a dehydrator. Five great products on the market are evaluated below to get you on your way to safe food preservation.
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Most Compact

Brod & Taylor SAHARA Folding Food Dehydrator

Folding Food Dehydrator. Food dehydrator that folds up to 1/3 of its original size for easy storage.

What We Liked: 

The Brod & Taylor SAHARA Food Dehydrator folds up in seconds. We appreciated that the appliance is a space saver on its own, easy to store away when not in use. The digital controls made it easy to monitor the time and temperature. We took advantage of the dual time and temperature controls that allowed for up to 198 total hours of operation. The zippered case kept the appliance free of dust and grime while stored. Get it here.

Most Efficient Tray Design

Excalibur 2400 Electric Food Dehydrator with Adjustable Thermostat



 Food Dehydrator with Multiple Trays. Food dehydrator with adjustable thermostat and four trays of drying space.

What We Liked: 

The Excalibur 2400 Electric Food Dehydrator with Adjustable Thermostat has four trays that provide four square feet of drying space. We loved the ability to layer our meat on all four trays, while easily controlling the temperature with the adjustable thermostat. The poly-screen tray inserts were easy to clean when done. Buy it today.

 Most Powerful Fan

NESCO FD-75A Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator 

Food Dehydrator with Powerful Fan. Food dehydrator with powerful top-mounted fan with 600 watts of drying power.

What We Liked: 

The NESCO FD-75A Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator comes with a powerful top-mounted fan with 600 watts of drying power. We did not experience any flavor mixing with the patented Coverga-Flow drying system. In addition, we found the adjustable thermostat easy to use and the ability to expand from five to 12 trays very helpful when preserving food in bulk. The opaque vita-save exterior helped to preserve the nutritional content of food and fed our confidence that we were preparing it safely. Buy it today.

Easiest to Clean

Presto 06300 Deyhdro Electric Food Dehydrator 

Easy to Clean Food Dehydrator. Food dehydrator with dishwasher safe drying trays and cover.

What We Liked: 

The Presto 06300 Deyhdro Electric Food Dehydrator immediately turns on once plugged in. We liked making our own preservative-free foods with the help of this one-temperature appliance. The drying trays were easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The nesting feature allowed us to store the trays inside of each other for easy storage. Buy it now.

Best Quality 

 Gourmia GFD 1650 Premium Electric Food Dehydrator Machine 

Quality Food Dehydrator. Electric food dehydrator with digital timer and temperature control.

What We Liked: 

The Gourmia GFD 1650 Premium Electric Food Dehydrator Machine provides 360 degrees airflow circulation for uniform drying. We were able to observe the drying process through the clear door that provided a view of the six drying trays. We enjoyed preserving our own food with this high-quality appliance. Buy it here.

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