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Best Flint Fire Starters

Whether it’s a survival situation or just the nightly campfire, you want a fire starter you can depend on. Flint has been the chosen tool of humans making fire for thousands of years for a reason—it works. When it comes to starting fires in the backcountry you never really know what the conditions will be—rain, shine, hail, snow, maybe even sleet—or what kind of fuel you’ll be able to find. Will the wood be wet or dry? Is there any natural tinder available? A flint fire starter will get the job done in any condition.
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Best Grip

bayite 4 Inch Survival Ferrocerium Drilled Flint Fire Starter Ferro Rod Kit with Paracord Landyard Handle and Striker

Sturdy and Ready to Use

The large diameter and paracord connector make this fire starter easy to hold onto.

What We Liked

Nine feet of paracord connects the striker to the striking rod and functions as a extra boost for gripping the rod on this fire starter. The paracord is removable, and can be used for several other survival techniques—lashing together shelter or fishing line, hanging food out of reach of bears, and building small traps. The striker’s high-quality steel maximizes heat and amount of sparks, lighting a fire in any condition. Get it here. 

Best with Included Tinder

The Friendly Swede Magnesium Flint Fire Starter

Lights in Any Condition

The dual flint and magnesium bars ensure tinder and sparks in any condition.

What We Liked

The flint body of the fire starter will put off extremely hot sparks in any condition, whether that’s wind, rain, or snow. The built-in magnesium bar provides tinder that will light in any weather; with the built-in tinder you won’t have to spend any time looking for moss, dry pine needles or other natural tinder before you can build your fire. A chain connects the striker and the flint, so you won’t lose either in your pack. Buy it now. 

Best Basic Fire-Starter

EricX Light 2 PCS 1/2 Inch X 6 Inch Ferrocerium Rod Flint Fire Starter

Customize your Kit

These fire starter rods are a perfect component for your DIY survival kit.

What We Liked

These extra-large rods last for up to 12,000 strikes, so you won’t need to worry about buying replacements anytime soon. A pre-drilled lanyard hole lets you add paracord or attach a striker, or just tie them in to the inside of your pack or kit to make sure they can’t get lost. The rods are waterproof and weatherproof, so you won’t need to worry about adverse conditions preventing you from getting a spark. Buy it here. 

Best Lightweight Pick

West Lake Tactical Pack of Eight (8) 5/16" DIY Ferrocerium (Ferro) Rods Flint Fire Starter

Effective and All-Weather

These ferrocerium rods will put off sparks in any conditions.

What We Liked

Each 3-inch by 5/16-inch rod only weighs one ounce, adding next to no weight to your pack. The unique metal blend puts off lots of hot sparks when struck with a good-quality knife or a striker (sold separately). The rods are weatherproof and waterproof, giving you plenty of sparks in rain or shine. These low-weight rods easily fill the essential function of fire starter in your kit. Get it now. 

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