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Best Fishing Pliers for Anglers

Ask any angler, whether saltwater or fresh, which tool is a must-have in his/her tackle box. The answer will always be the same: pliers. Used for removing hooks, crimping weights, constructing leaders, cutting line, and everything in between, there's hardly a job a good pair of fishing pliers can't tackle when it comes to fishing. A pair of fishing pliers should be constructed of quality material with tight gripping tips, bear sharp edges, and be designed to stand-up to everyday use in and around the water. But not all fishing pliers are created equal. So, we've compiled a list of some of the best fishing pliers we've come by – all in an effort to help ensure you're prepared on your next trip out on the water.
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Top Pick

KastKing Cutthroat 7" Fishing Pliers

Built Tough

Constructed of Teflon-coated, corrosion-resistant stainless steel with tungsten carbide cutters, this multi-functioning set of fishing pliers is designed for easy-access and long-lasting performance in both fresh and saltwater angling environments.

What We Liked

The expectations set on tools in your tackle box are much like the tools in your at-home or job-site toolbox. You want to know they're going to last for years to come and withstand the use and abuse you throw at them. You’re going to be a fan of these KastKing Cutthroat pliers. They feature top-to-bottom quality construction from the Teflon-coated stainless steel to the tungsten carbide cutting blades. From removing even the most set-in fishhooks to securing split shot weights, to constructing steel leaders and slicing through braided line – this pair of pliers gets the job done. The pliers are available in a straight nose and split-ring design, with rubber handles in black, sea foam, and orange color options. They come with a coiled spring lanyard and custom-molded sheath to ensure quick and easy access and protection. Order Online.

Most Ergonomic

Wolfyok Aluminum Fishing Pliers

Sleek, Lightweight, and Multifunctional

Hook removal, lead pressing, sleeve crimping, and line cutting have never been easier, more comfortable, or better looking, thanks to these sleek, saltwater-resistant pliers from Wolfyok.

What We Liked

Who knew that a pair of fishing pliers could be so stunning. These 6.7-inch pliers weighing a mere 0.21 pounds are made of super tough and incredibly lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum. They come in highly visible red, blue, and black colors offset by titanium-coated stainless steel. Tungsten carbide cutting blades help to ensure easy slicing of even the strongest monofilament leader and braided lines, while the anti-slip, spring loaded handle ensures a secure, ergonomic grip for hook removal, lead pressing, sleeve crimping and other rod, reel, tackle, and boat tasks. Great for both saltwater and freshwater fishing, the materials are built to withstand rust and corrosion and the pliers come with a coiled spring lanyard and protective nylon sheath. Purchase Yours Today.

Runner Up

Calamus A7 Lightweight Aluminum Fishing Pliers

Corrosion-Resistant with Easy Access

These 7-inch fishing pliers from Calamus use coated aircraft aluminum and Vanadium-bladed cutters to create a lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and super durable multi-functioning tool for tackling even those most intricate of fishing leader, line, and hook tasks.

What We Liked

With a rugged feel, durable construction, and no-slip grip, these fishing pliers from Calamus put the other tools in your toolbox to shame. The sleek, jet black aluminum pliers (offset with a visible sea foam green handle) feature E-coated aircraft aluminum construction for a highly corrosion-resistant construction. Vanadium steel alloy–the material often found in car parts–cutting edges slice through even the thickest of lines like butter and are designed to retain their sharp edge for years without dulling out. The 2-inch serrated jaws tackle virtually every hook and line job you throw at them with built-in crimping slots and a locking handle for one-handed functionality. Even the included custom-molded sheath goes above and beyond by protecting boat seats and decking from damage while allowing excess moisture to drain away. Get It Here.

Best Combo

Zacx Fishing Pliers

Must-Have Fishing Tool

This combo set from Zacx delivers two of the handiest fishing tools in one convenient set: fishing pliers and lip gripper tools. Both tools are made of high-quality, lightweight materials designed to make everyday fishing tasks easier than ever.

What We Liked

These Zacx pliers feature a hollowed-out construction of machine-cut aluminum for reduced weight, better ergonomics, and an elegant aesthetic. The fish gripper tool features an extended handle design to offer a stronger grip and reduced hand fatigue when removing finicky hoots from heavier fish. Together, this plier and gripper tool set is a formidable force of functionality that anglers, both freshwater and saltwater, should consider keeping in their tackle or deck box. Buy Now.

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