Best Fins for Kids

Whether your kids are looking for some adventure underwater or working to build their endurance and strength, swim fins offer a great combination of both. Designed to fit snugly to kids’ feet, swim fins can improve their kick and stroke technique. Adjustability, color, design, fit, and weight of the material are all important to evaluate when selecting swim fins. Today, we're talking about four great fins for kids. Read on to discover all the features and benefits.
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Best Fit

CAPAS Snorkel Fins 

Universal-Fit Fins. These snorkel fins come with an open-heel design that allows for a universal fit.

What We Liked: 

The CAPAS Snorkel Fins have soft heel straps with large thumb loops. We liked how easy it was to put them on and pull them off. Our kids could put them on without our help, which was an extra bonus. The short fins made for easy vacation packing as well. Get it here.

Best Buoyancy

U.S. Divers Sea Lion Junior Floating Fins

 Junior Fins for Extra Boost. These junior swim fins are made of lightweight material and designed for prime buoyancy.

What We Liked: 

The Junior Floating Fins come with a convenient travel bag. We liked the buoyancy of these swim fins. They helped our kids swim with confidence and never got lost on the water because they floated when they weren’t attached to a foot. These swim fins check many boxes for us: they are bright, comfortable, and durable. Buy it today.

Best Design

Snorkel Master Kids Swimming Snorkeling Fins 

For Cool, Active Kids. These kid-sized snorkeling fins come in a sleek two-color design for bold, strong leg movement underwater.

What We Liked: 

Snorkel Master offers their fins in universal sizes that accommodate both girls and boys. We liked the fit of these fins. The adjustable strap made the fins feel secure on our kids’ feet. The design of the swim fins was super cool, and the children felt like superheroes swimming around in them. Get them here.

Best for Toddlers

Cressi Short Floating Swim Fins 

Easy-Fit Fins for Early Swimmers. Here are some swim fins with an easy-to-use swim tab and adjustable foot pocket that allows for a perfect fit, even on the youngest of swimmers.

What We Liked: 

The Cressi Fins are great for learning to swim. We liked that we were able to use these fins on our youngest toddler. Made of long-lasting rubber, we felt that these swim fins would last us through multiple years with multiple kids. You sense the durability immediately. The easy-to-use fin tab also let us put the fins on our little ones without any fuss. They're available today.