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The Best Dry Ropes

When you’re mountaineering and ice climbing, dry ropes are an essential part of your gear. Both single and double dry ropes have hidden benefits for sport climbers. Besides not having to call it quits because of rain or snow, investing in dry ropes keeps you out on the mountain longer regardless of the weather. That's because dry ropes have added protection against dirt and sand getting into the rope, and the slick finish reduces rope abrasion from sharp edges. Consider using dry ropes for your skinny, burly, and everyday all-purpose ropes. Both sheath coated and double dry ropes benefit climbers in all conditions, gym to mountaineering.
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Most Versatile

Mammut- 9.5mm Infinity Dry 


One rope to rule them all. By balancing versatile diameter, low weight, and high durability, the Infinity Dry is a great go-to rope for all climbers.

What We Liked: 

The Mammut has just 1% water absorption, with both core and sheath treatments. Despite the durability in wet and grimy conditions, this rope is still a great choice for gym-only climbers. Advanced climbers will appreciate the fluid feel and high performance whether tackling single-pitch sport climbing or multi-pitch trad. It’s a great all-around rope, with light elongation during falls and a good diameter/feel for experienced belayers. Get it today.

Best Burly Rope

Black Diamond 9.9mm Climbing Rope


Made For Year-Round Climbers. Just pack this burly rope no matter what time of year you’re climbing; the workhorse rope is easy to knot and feels great without being too soft.

What We Liked: 

Great in a gym and outdoors in all weather. The soft sheath feels great while belaying but still holds up well against jagged edges. It’s a real workhorse of a rope that feels like a smaller diameter but still goes hard as an everyday rope. It’s great for when you just want to pack one burly rope for a climb, or a reliable rope with a great feel for gym climbs. It's available today. 

Best Skinny Rope

BlueWater Ropes 9.1mm Icon Double Dry Dynamic Single Rope


Double Dry and Durable . Designed to be more durable than most skinny ropes with a tight braid and high sheath mass, this rope resists drag and floppiness during everyday use. 

What We Liked: 

BlueWater made a skinny rope that doesn’t forgo safety and longevity just for a smaller diameter. It has a 35% sheath mass to hold up in all-weather climbing against sharp crags and edges. The tight-knit weave resists becoming floppy from everyday use. Both the sheath and core are dry-treated, so this rope is suitable for ice climbing, mountaineering, and any wet climbing conditions. Get it today.