Best Disposable Toothbrushes

If you’re headed out to the backcountry or even a road trip, you’ll want a disposable toothbrush with you. But we’ve discovered there are a ton of options out there beyond the ordinary toothbrush you get free from your dentist. There are toothbrushes that come with toothpaste already on them. Some that don’t require water and others that have dental picks built in. We’ve found four types of disposable toothbrushes worth checking out for your next adventure.
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Most Recyclable

Colgate Max Fresh Wisp Disposable Mini Toothbrush

All-in-One, Compact Brush

These pre-pasted mini-toothbrushes pack well and contain paste that is sugar and gluten-free.

What We Liked

No need to wet your toothbrush or rinse out your toothpaste with these. Easy to take with you, from work to the campsite, this set of 24 toothbrushes already have toothpaste gel in them. You don’t need water to brush. You can enjoy the peppermint flavor without having to worry about rinsing it out. Plus, there’s a soft dental pick at the end to remove food stuck between your teeth. If you feel uncomfortable purchasing a disposable plastic item, these toothbrushes can be upcycled through the Terracycle recycling program. Get them here. 

Best Pocket-Size

Crest Scope Mini Brushes-Disposable Toothbrushes with Toothpaste and Pick

Water and Toothpaste-free Brushes

If you’re trying to avoid toothpaste and water in your next trip, use these mini brushes that have a dental pick at the end.

What We Liked

There are times when you’re camping where water is scarce or simply not available. That means that every drop counts. Often times, brushing your teeth gets pushed back, so you can conserve water. With these travel-sized toothbrushes, you can brush your teeth without water or toothpaste. They are designed with gel inside the bristles. There’s even a tongue scraper on the reverse side. A dental pick helps you remove unwanted food from your teeth. There are six packs with two to a pack in this set. Buy them now. 

Best Pack

Avistar 148 Individually Packaged Large Head Medium Bristle Disposable Bulk Toothbrushes

Medium Bristles in Fun Colors

It’ll take you many outdoor expeditions to run out of this 148-pack of medium-bristle toothbrushes.

What We Liked

It’s always great to have a stash of toothbrushes around for guests visiting your house or for outdoor trips when you want a disposable toothbrush. Disposable toothbrushes are especially handy to get grease build-up off your bike chain or even to clean out the remnants of a smoothie you drank in your water bottle. This pack gives you 148 brushes in four vibrant colors: pink, blue, green and red. Each are individually wrapped, so they stay clean and sterile until you need one. The bristles are medium, in terms of softness, so make sure that is what your teeth need. Buy them here. 

Best Pre-Pasted

Smile Makers Adult Pre-Pasted Disposable Toothbrushes

Individually Wrapped and Toothpaste-Infused

If you’re looking to avoid carrying toothpaste with you, this toothbrush pack with toothpaste already on each brush may be for you.

What We Liked

Going on a family reunion camping trip and want to make sure everyone has a toothbrush? This 144-pack means you’ll never run out no matter how many dozens of relatives show up. In fact, you may become the most popular family member. Each toothbrush is wrapped in its own polybag. And the bonus? It already has toothpaste on it, removing one less step in the oral hygiene process. Each also has 39 bristles that are soft. Get them now. 

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