Best Deodorant’s For Men And Women

Deodorant is a product that most of us use everyday, but not all deodorants work the same. Because our deodorant needs are different based on our body chemistry and lifestyle, you need one that you know will work for you. We picked out four different deodorants to fit whatever your needs may be. Whether you are looking for a simple deodorant to get you through the day, or one with clinical strength sweat protection we’ve got you covered. Check out our top 4 deodorants for both men and women.
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Best scents available

Native Natural Deodorant

Great for everyone

Aluminum free deodorant that smells great while also working effectively. Protects against both wetness and odor.

What We Liked

This deodorant feels light and fresh after application and delivers the odor protection that you need. Made without parabens or aluminum, you can feel good about the ingredients you are putting on your skin. Get It Here.

Toughest sweat protection for women

Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant

Antiperspirant with a fresh lavender scent

Both an antiperspirant and deodorant for maximum underarm protection. One application gives you sweat protection for a full 48 hours.

What We Liked

This antiperspirant is clinical strength, so works a bit harder to keep your armpits dry. Clean lavender scent keeps you smelling nice and fresh. The clear gel goes on clear and dries nice and fast. Buy Here.

Best for every day usage

Nivea Men Dry Impact Antiperspirant

Men’s deodorant

Three-pack of men’s roll on deodorant and antiperspirant, made without alcohol, color, or preservatives. Has a nice light masculine scent.

What We Liked

This roll-on deodorant doesn’t leave any stains under your shirt’s armpits, which is always a huge plus. Long lasting protection for up to 48 hours of effectiveness. The three-pack is nice because you can order once and be set for a good while. Get It Here.

Best for excessive sweaters

Carpe Underarm Antiperspirant

Clinical Strength

This underarm lotion is clinically proven to reduce underarm sweat. Ideal for people who deal with excessive sweating. Stay fresh and dry all day long.

What We Liked

The natural eucalyptus scent smells nice all day long. This antiperspirant is extra effective, and dermatologist recommended. Designed to help manage symptoms of hyperhidrosis. Non-greasy and non-irritating for everyday use. Purchase Today.

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