Best Cooksets for Camping

When you head into the backcountry or set up a campsite for an extended period, rehydrating food just isn’t enough to keep you going day after day in the outdoors. You can make home-cooked meals over a camp stove or open fire with a full cookset. Camping cooksets give you added value for your dollar, including utensils, mini-stoves, and dishes. Manufacturers make pots and pans from different materials, so decide which features are important to you. Aluminum is lightweight but damages with ease. Stainless steel is durable but heavy. Anodized aluminum combines the best of both. Buy a set with everything you need, and nothing you don’t; every ounce counts when backpacking. And finally, all campers selecting a cookset should consider how compact a set is and how easy it is to use.
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Best Overall 

Bisgear 16 pcs Camping Cookware 

 Everything a Camp Kitchen Needs. This 16-piece set weighs 1.5 pounds and comes with an anodized pot and pan. Seven included utensils fit inside interlocking pots with a spatula, two bowls, and an all-natural sponge for cleanup. The set also comes with a mini cook stove with Piezo ignition.

What We Liked: 

The set also includes stainless steel utensils that collapse to fit into a carrying pouch. Buy it here.

Best Basic Set 

G4Free Camping Cookware Mess Kit

Great for Two Person Trips. Made from anodized aluminum, this 13-piece set includes a camp stove with Piezo ignition and a pot and pan with a single lid that fits both. The pots’ handles collapse for storage and carrying. Cooking utensils, bowls, and eating utensils are also included.

What We Liked: 

The mesh bag for carrying the set comes with a carabiner so you can hook the mess kit to the outside of a full pack. Get it now.

Best Survival Set 

BeGrit Camping Cookware 

Compact and Durable. Made from stainless steel, this cookset contains two pots, two pans, two steel plates and two steel mugs. It’s durable and packs together to fit into a 12-inch by 9-inch drawstring bag. The plates double as lids for the pots, allowing cooking in multiple vessels at once.

What We Liked: 

While stainless steel is heavier than aluminum, it is also quick to conduct heat for fast cooking, which minimizes fuel usage. Buy it here.

Most Pieces Included 

Gold Armour 17 Pieces Camping Cookware Mess Kit 

Space-Saving Accessories. With 17 pieces included, this set has everything you could need while camping. It all packs together in a single drawstring bag, and you can hook it onto a pack with the included carabiner. The whole kit and caboodle weigh just over a pound.

What We Liked: 

Gold Armour provides a 10-year, 100 percent satisfaction warranty with their gear, so there’s no risk of buyer’s remorse. Get it here.

Most Lightweight 

Honest Portable Camping Cookware 10 Piece 

Always Ready to Cook. This compact and lightweight set is perfect for leaving in a bug-out bag or in the car for hitting the road on a whim. This anodized aluminum set includes a pot, pan, two bowls, and all the cooking utensils needed to execute a gourmet campfire meal.

What We Liked: 

Everything packs inside the pot and pan which lock together. Throw it in the included carry bag, and forget about it until dinnertime. Buy it here.

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