The Best Compression Socks for Hiking

Socks are an integral part of your hiking kit, but most models only help your feet while you’re on the trail, and not when the day is done. That’s where compression socks come in: With targeted constriction, they can prevent your feet and calves from becoming sore and swollen. When choosing a compression sock, consider its material, cushioning, and overall comfort.
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Best All-Around

Lily Trotters Women's Designer Athletic Compression Socks

Comfortable and Breathable

These socks strike a nice balance between support, comfort, and compression.

What We Liked

With a 93 percent elastane content, these socks wick sweaty away quickly, so your feet don’t get too swampy. Light cushioning under the foot provides a welcome benefit over long days on the trail. Compression from seven percent elastane staves off swelling. Buy Now.

Most Stylish

CEP Compression 3.0 Run Socks

Colorful and Effective

These socks stand out with eye-catching colors, and also offer plenty of performance benefits.

What We Liked

An asymmetric toe box conforms to your foot to prevent hot spots. Synthetic yarn quickly wicks away moisture. These socks’ compression prevents them from bagging out, even over multiple days of use, and enhances blood circulation. Buy Now.

Most Durable

point6 Compression Surge Ultra Light OTC Socks

Long-lasting yet Airy

A special type of yarn makes these socks resistant to rips and holes from long-term wear.

What We Liked

The merino material is compact spun, so it gets a major durability boost. The merino also grants high levels of temperature and sweat control. A seamless toe box helps prevent blisters. Buy Now.

Most Comfortable

Smartwool Compression OTC Socks

Soft and Form-Fitting

A just-right blend of materials and well-designed cut means these socks will keep your feet happy all day.

What We Liked

A merino/nylon/polyester/elastane blend strikes just the right balance of breathability, softness, and durability. Mesh portions let heat and sweat escape. A flex zone at the ankle lets you move your feet without any hindrances. Buy Now.