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Best Compression Bandages

There are many injuries and ailments that benefit from compression and stabilization. A re-usable fabric bandage that can easily be washed is a perfect pick for everything from post-game soreness to chronic injuries. There are a few things to think about when choosing a compression bandage, including length, how the material feels on your skin, and stretchiness. We’ve rounded up our favorite picks to get you on the mend.
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Best for Sensitive Skin

GT Cotton Elastic Bandage Wrap

Great hypo-allergenic pick.

An easy-to-adhere, comfortable bandage.

What We Liked:

These 100% cotton bandages are great for those who have sensitive skin. The hook-and-loop fastener system makes it easy to self-adhere. At 15-feet in length, you’ll be able to apply compression to most injuries. With no artificial fibers, it’s natural, and unlikely to further irritate the wound site. Buy Now.

Most Secure

Premium Elastic Bandage Wrap

Long-lasting pick. 

A compression bandage that will stay in place all day.

What We Liked: 

Sometimes, you want to stay active but just need a little support to keep an injury in place. These 15-foot elastic bandages fasten with metal clips for a secure hold. The clips increase comfort and durability compared to other fastener systems. Made of polyester, these bandages are durable and long-lasting. Buy Now on Amazon.

Best for Extended Wear

Calf Compression Bandage Sleeve Wrap

Fresh-looking pick.

A perfect bandage to hide signs of wear during extended use.

What We Liked:

Real talk: Compression bandages may be reusable, but keeping a light-colored bandage on your skin for an extended period of time is inviting it to turn dingy. The black color of this compression bandage makes it ideal for chronic injuries that require long-term wear because it won’t turn dingy like traditional tan colored bandages. The hook-and-look fastener makes it easy to apply and adjust. Buy Now.

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