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Best Compressed Disposable Towel

There are many situations where it just isn’t practical to have a roll of paper towels in your bag. Whether you’re traveling with kids or backpacking, having a towel you don’t have to worry about washing when you’re done using it is extremely handy. Compressed towels are often the size of hard candies, but when you soak them in water they expand to a large and usable towel. We’ve rounded up our favorites from cotton, to paper to reusable options.
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Smallest Pick

VanFn Disposable Towel

Great Purse-Sized Pick

A tiny tablet that becomes a handy, handkerchief sized towel.

What We Liked

The candy-sized, pink packaged tablet reveals a 100% cotton towel measuring 7.8 x 8.7 inches after being soaked in water. This convenient sized towel is perfect for keeping in your bag to wash up, or to throw in your backpack for camping. Get it here. 

Softest Feel

KISEER 200 Pieces Mini Compressed Towels

Great Feeling Choice

An easy-on-the-skin cotton towel perfect for travel.

What We Liked

Made with cotton linen, these towels are ultra-soft, making them great to use on skin. At 10.6 x 7.9 inches, their expanded size is perfect for all your on-the-go towel needs. The 200-piece pack ensures you’ll never be without a towel again. Buy it now. 

Best Bio-degradable

Summits Point 100 PCS Compressed Magic Towel

A Great Paper Pick

An expanding paper towel that won’t sit in a landfill forever.

What We Liked

These towels are made of bio-degradable paper, which breaks down much faster than cotton alternatives. Perfect for cleaning up messes, bringing camping or just having in your bag for emergency towel-needs, these are a great alternative to paper towels. Buy it here. 

Most Re-usable

Pack-n-Wipe Compressed Disposable Towels

Excellent Multi-Use Pick

A compressed towel that can be used again and again.

What We Liked

While these tablets are definitely the largest on our list in their compressed form, once expanded they can be used up to 20 times making them an excellent choice for reusing. Strong enough to even throw in the washing machine, these towels are a great addition to your camping or backpacking routines. Get it now. 

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