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Best Compressed Coin Tablet Towels

A full sized towel just isn’t practical to carry on-the-go, but the number of times we’ve wished we’d had one along makes the size almost worth it. Enter the compressed towel. Ranging from paper towel-like to beach towel-sized, these seemingly magic products shrink down to an easy-to-carry size, ready for your moment of need. Choose from disposable or reusable, and tuck one in your purse, backpack or beach bag.
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Best Overall

Large Compressed Towels

Great disposable option.

A single use towel for on-the-go messes.

What We Liked:

These small, coin sized packets expand to become 14.87 x 39.37-inch towels perfect for cleaning. Easy on the skin, these wipes are fragrance free. Stick them in your bag for easy to use and easy to dispose of towels on the go. Buy on Amazon Now.

Highest Quality

Jonny & Lora Reusable Compressed Towels

Excellent compact towel.

This washcloth packs the quality of a bath towel in a small packet.

What We Liked:

Many compressed towels are made of materials that don’t feel like your fuzzy towels at home, but not these 100% cotton washcloths. They’ll expand to 12 x 12-inches and will feel like a cotton spa towel. Especially great for your locker at the gym, they can be washed and reused time and time again. Buy Now.


Lightload Towels

Adventure-ready beach towel.

Pocket-sized towel for spur of the moment swimming.

What We Liked:

It’s hard to resist jumping in an alpine lake at the end of a long hike. Before, you might have hesitated knowing you didn’t have a towel in you daypack, but with these compressed beach towels, you can cannonball without concern. Small enough to fit into a pocket when compressed, just shake it out and you’ll have an absorbent, 36 x 60-inch towel ready for adventures. Get on Amazon Now.

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