Best Chalk Bags

Climbers hate nothing more than sweaty hands threatening a slip from the holds. Chalk is the solution, and a chalk bag is crucial to keeping it handy. A chalk bag is one of the most essential and personalized pieces of gear for a climber. When you’re high on the wall, you want a chalk bag you can count on to be easily accessible, secure, and adjustable. The best chalk bags are spill-proof, hold the right amount of chalk and reflect your personal style.
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Best Design

AMC Rock Climbing Panda Design Chalk Bag with Adjustable Belt

Fun and functional

This simple chalk bag featuring cute embroidery holds your chalk in style.

What We Liked:

This chalk bag is durable and works for all types of climbers. It has a removable adjustable strap, making it versatile and able to be worn around the waist or clipped to a harness. A zippered pocket separate from the chalk compartment holds your keys or other small essentials while you climb. Best of all, the panda design makes this bag unique and stylish. Buy on Amazon Now.

Most Durable

Black Diamond Mojo Zip Chalk Bag

Tough climbing companion

This bag can stand up to abrasive rocks.

What We Liked:

Climbers who spend more time outside on rock will appreciate this bag’s durability. TPU abrasion-resistant fabric on the bottom protects the bag from rips and snags. A fleece-lined interior keeps chalk from escaping every time you reach inside. A drawstring cinches the bag closed to avoid spills. This product comes in different sizes so you can customize according to your hand size and preference. Buy Now.

Best for Beginners

prAna Women's Chalk Bag with Belt

Well-designed chalk bag

Lightweight and colorful, this bag gets the job done.

What We Liked:

This chalk bag features soft fabric and a vibrant design. The streamlined shape fits comfortably around your waist while climbing, and won’t interfere with the rest of your gear. A drawstring closure eliminate spills, and a fleece-lined interior feels luxurious while also keeping chalk inside your bag. Buy Now.

Most Affordable

Two Ogres Essential-Z Climbing Chalk Bag with Belt and Zippered Pocket for Climbing, Gymnastics, Weight Lifting

Simplicity meets functionality

This well-featured chalk bag has everything you need.

What We Liked:

This chalk bag is both affordable and feature-packed. A separate zippered pocket allows you to carry a phone, keys or other small items with you as you climb. This bag also can accommodate a hold brush in its elastic brush holder. The external fabric is durable and will hold up to scrapes against rough rocks. Buy on Amazon Now.

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