Best Chafing Creams

There are many ways to get chafed, especially if you lead an active, outdoor, or fitness-based lifestyle. The friction generated as your body rubs against bike seats, pack straps, form-fitting athletic clothing, and more can cause an itchy burn that can slow you down or take you out of commission. Prevent painful chafing, or keep it from worsening, with one of these four favorites.
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Best Overall

Chamois Butt'r Original Anti-Chafe Cream, 8 oz tube

Dries Quickly

This non-greasy lotion feels like nothing is there.

What We Liked

If you run, bike, race, or hike, this is the cream for you. It was originally designed with cyclists in mind, to put on their padded shorts to ease irritation generated during pedal strokes. That it dries quickly but lubricates the skin for all-day use makes is great for any area of the body, though. It’s also reportedly a life-saver for those with large thighs. Get it here. 

Best for Men

Fresh So Dry Fresh Balls, 3.4 fl oz 2 Pack

Long-Lasting Comfort

Keep your nether regions happy with this handy cream.

What We Liked

Everyone knows it can get damp and uncomfortable down there on hot, humid days. Most also know that powders can get cakey or only add to the discomfort. Enter Fresh Balls, which goes on like a lotion but dries like a powder. It’s talc free and recommended for daily use. Buy it now. 

Best for Women

Monistat Care Chafing Relief Powder Gel | Anti Chafe Protection | 1.5 OZ

Keep Skin Happy

Perfect for sensitive areas.

What We Liked

It’s like a lotion and powder in one. It’s the best for preventing irritation on the inner thighs, bikini area, breasts, and under-arms. It also reduces redness and cools areas beginning to feel that burn. Bonus: It’s long-lasting and a little goes a long way. Buy it here. 

Best For Athletes

Blue Steel Sports Anti-Chafe Cream with Tea Tree Oil

Silicone-Based Formula

Designed for endurance athletes to prevent blisters and chafing.

What We Liked

Blue Steel rises to the top for those who participate in triathlons, love undertaking multiple types of active pursuits, or love going for long runs, rides, or hikes. It protects against blisters, saddle sores, and skin abrasions using a unique silicone-based formula. It also includes tea tree oil, found to have natural antiseptic and antifungal properties. Get it now. 

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