Best Canoe Paddles

From the casual paddler to the long-distance canoe touring enthusiast, every canoeist needs the right tool for the job. A paddle is a deeply personal piece of gear, and from material to size there are many features to consider. These products are great to help you hit the water.
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Best for Kids

Attwood 11760-1 Canoe Paddle

Small-size paddle for children.

Miniature wood paddle.

What We Liked:

At two and a half feet long, this is a great first paddle for kids just learning how to canoe, or even as a decorative wall hanging. At a low cost, you don’t have to worry about kids outgrowing it too soon. Buy Now on Amazon.

Best Wooden Paddle

Caviness Marine Twin Stripe Paddle

Solid Paddle for Lake Canoeing

Beautiful wooden canoe paddle.

What We Liked:

This lightweight and sturdy paddle is great for paddling on flat lakes and calm rivers. The carved grip is comfortable in the palm, and the striped wood makes an attractive finish. At an affordable cost, it’s easy to keep a second paddle on hand as a spare. Get Now on Amazon.

Best Plastic Paddle

Carlisle Standard Polyethylene Clad Aluminum Canoe Paddle

Durable Paddle

A paddle that holds up to rough use.

What We Liked: 

With its plastic blade and aluminum shaft, this product holds up well to rocks, fast-moving water, and prolonged use. The t-grip is comfortable for long days on the water. Lightweight and strong, these paddles work as well for rafting as they do for canoeing. Buy Now.

Most Affordable

Crooked Creek Wood Paddle 

Sturdy Low-Cost Paddle

Functional canoe paddle for kids and adults.

What We Liked:

An epoxy blade tip ensures that the blade of this paddle holds up to dings against rocks and other obstacles. It comes in a variety of sizes so you can find the fit that works best for you. It is light and comfortable to hold, and the affordable price is a bonus. Buy Now on Amazon.

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