Best Camping Stoves for Large Groups

Creating extravagant meals while camping is one of the greatest joys of spending time outside. Cooking for a group in the great outdoors can be an excellent way to bring people together and create special moments among friends and family. But you need the right tools for the job. When cooking for large groups in camp, you need a camping stove that is up to the task. Each of these camping stoves have multiple burners for all your camp chef needs.
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Best All-Around

Coleman Gas Camping Stove

Excellent 2-Burner Camping Stove

Our top pick for car camping stoves.

What We Liked

The Coleman 2-burner is a camping classic, and for good reason. The burners have two separate knobs for precise simmer control, and they can accommodate two medium pots or pans side-by-side. Wind-blocking panels on each side of the stove allow you to cook in adverse weather. Setting up the propane tank and breaking down the stove is fast and easy, so you can cook fool-proof meals no matter where you are. Buy now on Amazon. 

Best for Paddling Trips

Camp Chef Explorer Double Burner Stove

Stand-Up Camping Stove

This burly stove completes your camp kitchen.

What We Liked

At 32 inches high, this stove allows you to stand and cook in your home kitchen. The large size means you won’t want to carry it far, so this stove is best suited for rafting and river trips where you don’t have to haul gear yourself. The legs detach so you can easily pack the stove away once you’re done cooking, and it stashes compactly into a boat or car trunk. This stovetop is compatible with various accessories such as griddles and grilltops, so you can up your cooking game. Buy now on Amazon.

Most Compact

Outbound Camping Stove

Portable Camping Stove

This stove cooks up a feast but is easy to transport.

What We Liked

This two-burner stove folds into a slim package with a handle for easy carrying. It’s the smallest stove here, making it excellent for camping, but it still comes with a nice set of features that will satisfy any outdoor chef. The two burners fit two 10-inch pans next to one another, so you can multi-task while also controlling each temperature setting and flame size separately. Despite its collapsibility and small size, this product is sturdy and holds up well to many camping trips over time. Buy now on Amazon.

Largest Capacity

GYMAX Outdoor Stove

Large Group Outdoor Kitchen Essential

Whip up a feast on this outdoor stove.

What We Liked

Unlike most of the stoves in this category, this one has not two, but three full-size burners, so you don’t have to limit yourself when cooking for a crowed. It’s large size makes it best for the backyard and car camping when there are many mouths to feed. The 30-inch height and spacious cooktop make it comfortable to operate while standing, and adjustable heat means you can create any dish you can imagine. Buy now on Amazon.