Best Camping Coffee Grinders

There’s nothing quite like freshly ground coffee to jumpstart your morning. Unfortunately, taking your entire home coffee setup with you simply isn’t practical when packing up for a camping trip. Luckily, there are a couple of excellent mobile camping coffee grinders available, so you can enjoy a supreme ‘cup of joe’ even while adventuring. With a variety of grinder capacities, styles, and adjustable grain levels, you’re sure to find the perfect portable grinder for your needs. Enjoy being a coffee connoisseur no matter where life takes you!

Most Sturdy

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder with Adjustable Setting

Excellent Grinder. This manual coffee grinder is perfect for use while at home or while adventuring.

What We Liked:

We love how quiet and efficient this manual coffee grinder is. The built-in, adjustable grinder includes 18 different click settings, allowing you to adjust the grain to your taste. Plus, there’s a built-in storage container, so you can grind coffee beans without making a mess. As an added bonus, the purchase of this grinder includes a code for free coffee. Buy it here.

Best For Coffee Connoisseurs

Mueller Ultra-Grind Conical Burr Grinder

Serious Grinder. Featuring a high-tech design, this coffee grinder is made with serious coffee lovers in mind.

What We Liked:

We love how this grinder has a large hopper, allowing you to grind an entire bag of beans at once. You can easily adjust the grain level with the coarse dial. Plus, with a simple on/off interface, it’s easy to grind coffee beans without having to use elbow grease. Notably, this grinder also attaches to a portafilter for prepping perfect espresso grounds with every use. Buy it here.

Most Compact

Coffee Burr Grinder

Portable Coffee Grinder. This compact grinder is super small, so it won’t take up too much unnecessary room in a weekend bag.

What We Liked:

This coffee grinder comes with a glass storage container with a non-slip base. The adjustable coarse grinder can be changed with a simple twist. We love the compact size, which makes this grinder perfect for transporting grounds to another container, like a portable French press. Best of all, the included grinder container features a storage top as well, so you can easily keep coffee grounds safe when not in use. Get it today.

Best Overall

Premium Quality Stainless Steel Manual Coffee Grinder 

Sturdy Grinder. You’ll love the sturdy construction of this excellent camping coffee grinder.

What We Liked: 

This premium coffee grinder is constructed out of non-slip silicone and stainless steel, allowing you to keep the grinder fresh and clean even in the great outdoors. The grinder is adjustable to adhere to specified coarse settings. We love how the stainless steel handle is ergonomically designed, making it super easy to use. You’re also given a handy carrying case with the purchase for easy storage. Buy it here.

Best Value

Manual Coffee Bean Grinder

Excellent Manual Grinder. This no-fuss manual grinder is perfect for use on the go.

What we liked: 

This grinder features 15 different dial settings, allowing you to get the proper coarseness every time. The stainless steel design will stay fresh even in a camping backpack, making it a great portable grinder. You’re also provided a convenient travel cup with your purchase, adding to this item’s overall value. Best of all, this product is covered by a lifetime warranty, so you’ll get your money back, no questions asked, should you be dissatisfied in any way. Get it here.

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