Best Bouldering Crash Pads

When you’re high off the deck trying hard on a boulder, you need to trust your protection on the ground. The best crash pads use high quality foam padding to keep you safe, and durable external materials that can hold up to the rigors of outdoor use. Picking out the right pad for you is also in the details—you want to consider how a pad closes, carries, and holds up over time. These pads are great for every rock climber.
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Most Convenient

Metolius Session II Crash Pad

Functional Bouldering Pad

This pad is great for every boulderer.

What We Liked

This pad combines functional design with bonus features that are subtle, but any climber with appreciate. A flap closure allows you to securely fold up the whole system for approaches, and easily lets you pack your shoes and other gear inside the pad for convenience. A small carpeted section on top of the pad is great for wiping dirt and mud off shoes before climbing. The foam is firm but protective when you fall, and external material holds up well to scuffs and dragging. Buy now on Amazon.

Most Flexible

Mad Rock R3 Crash Pad

Distinctive Design

A unique design makes for superior protection.

What We Liked

Unlike most pads which employ a single, flat layer of foam, this one has distinct padded baffles. While this makes it less protective on its own, it’s great for protecting difficult corners and awkward crevices. The pad softer than most and flexible, so you can place it atop other pads and rocks for extra protection. It’s light and includes a padded hipbelt, making it east to carry. Buy now on Amazon.

Most Protection

Black Diamond Mondo Crash Pad

Full Coverage Pad

Larger area for peace of mind.

What We Liked

Larger dimensions make this pad great for tall climbs, or anyone who likes knowing they are well protected when climbing without a rope. For days when you can only bring one pad, this is the one you want. Padded should straps make for comfortable carrying, and the durable foam holds up well fall after fall. Buy now on Amazon.