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Best Biking Sunglasses for Men

Consider sunglasses as vital to your safety on a bicycle as your helmet. Polarized lenses protect your eyes from harmful UV rays but also allow a full field of vision in true color. When riding in low-light or inclement weather, biking sunglasses actually improve your eyesight. Frames are lightweight and grip your head, even during intense workouts or while looking down. Check out our best picks for biking sunglasses for men. As you do, think about the material of the frames, lens features, and bonus attributes.
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Most Natural Vision

DUCO Mens Sports Polarized Sunglasses

High Definition Lenses. These sunglasses pair polarized lenses with metal frames for 100% UV protection. You see in true color with reduced glare while riding, driving, or during outdoor sports.

What We Liked: 

The soft, adjustable nose pads hold the frames in place without pinching or chafing even after hours of wearing them. Plus, they’re easy to clean and durable enough to survive an occasional drop without shattering. Get them here.

Most Lightweight

Hulislem S1 Sport Polarized Sunglasses

Forget You’re Wearing Them. These UV400 lenses with mirror flash coating sit inside lightweight polycarbonate frames. You still see in true color with complete UV protection.

What We Liked: 

We appreciated that the frames are lightweight in part because of Swiss thermoplastic material, combined with holes through the ear pieces. This improves ventilation and air flow during outdoor sports. The company cuts the individual lenses from a single toric lens to improve depth perception and clarity while wearing the sunglasses. Get them today.

Most Styles

RIVBOS Polarized Sports Sunglasses

High Design for Sports. The lenses are TAC polarized and mirror coated for complete UVA/UVB protection with durable Swiss TR 90 material frames that have unparalleled flexibility.

What We Liked: 

Don’t compromise your personal style for durable eye protection. There’s almost 20 combinations of lenses and frames to suit any aesthetic. Plus, you can go hard without worrying about your sunglasses. RIVBOS offers a Lifetime Protection Warranty for breakages. They're available today.

Best for Commuters

TOREGE Polarized Sports Sunglasses with 3 Interchangeable Lenses

Interchangeable Lenses. These super-light and rimless PC jacket frames come with three lenses: revo, polarized, and night-vision for 100% UVA/UVB protection.

What We Liked: 

Wear one pair of frames, and bring spare lenses for riding in inclement weather or in the dark. The soft rubber nose pads gently grip to prevent the frames from slipping off even in the rain or during an intense workout on a summer day. Get them here.