Best Bike Trailers for Active Families

Share your love of the the trail and the outdoors with these tot-friendly bike trailers, equipped to offer your youngest passengers the best seat on the road without sacrificing safety or function. Beyond budget and comfort, important features to consider for your hitch-on hauler include durability, weight and add-ons like storage extras and dual use as a jogging stroller.
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Your Economy Sedan

InStep Bike Trailer for Kids

Value for Money. An affordable and reliable unit for getting out and about in the neighborhood.

What We Liked

InStep’s two-seater trailer can carry up to 80 pounds, so a good option for a starter trailer that will serve you well as you introduce your littlest riders to the joys of the trail. With 16-inch pneumatic tires set atop plastic rims, the cushioning for this model lends itself better to paved and more level suburban rides. Get it now.

Your Hybrid Crossover

InStep Quick-N-EZ Double Tow Behind Bike Trailer

Multi-sport Versatility. InStep’s Quick-N-EZ trailer does what it says on the box, offering easy flexibility between riding and jogging modes.

What We Liked

Parents who love gear know that getting out the door is half the battle, making this trailer’s quick storage capabilities and ease of assembly a major plus. Add in extra rear storage capacity, up to 12 pounds, and you’ll love the Quick-N-EZ’s versatility for getting you out there as a family—whether it’s pedal-powered or on foot. Buy it here. 

Your Best-in-Class SUV

Allen Sports Deluxe Steel Child Trailer

Cruise in Comfort. Bigger wheels and greater carrying capacity add up to one superlative ride in this all-terrain trailer.

What We Liked

Founded by an aerospace engineer who worked on the Apollo space program, New Hampshire-based Allen Sports has been in the business of delivering road-tested bike racks and trailers for over half a century. With its larger 20-inch wheels and slightly heftier payload than other models, this trailer is able to absorb the bumps of the road plus carry up to 100 pounds, offering more lifetime mileage as your kids grow and maybe even a few more precious minutes of nap time as you cruise toward home. Get it today. 

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